Pintle Mount

Highlighted Pintle Mount fitted on a Pintel Heavy Combat ATV


Pintle Mount is a powered yet unarmored turret that can be mounted on a combat, ground, or even air type support vehicle. This mount is intended to allow infantryman to use heavy man-portable weapons up to a half ton in weight. The mount has a limited arc of 180° depending on the vehicle's direction. Due to the limited firing arc, this is rarely seen mounted on Combat Vehicles. The Pintle Mount has existed since the Pre-spaceflight Era.[1]


Construction Rules[edit]

  • Availability - Clan and Inner Sphere and has a Tech Rating of A.[1]
  • Pintle Mounts are only able to be equipped with weapons no heavier than 500 kg. They cannot be fitted with any armor protection and its weight must be equal to five percent of the equipment and weapons mounted on it excluding ammunition rounded up per type of vehicle.[citation needed] For small Support Vehicles, the weight is rounded up to the nearest kilogram, while for combat vehicles it rounded up to closest half-ton. It should be noted only the weapons mounted on the Pintle Mount occupies a critical slot, while pintle mount does not.[1]
  • Units Restrictions: Pintle Mounts are not allowed on Fixed-Wing Support Aircraft, Naval Craft.[1]

Game Rules[edit]

  • Firing Arc - The equipment can be aimed throughout a 180° arc. When the Pintle Mount is fitted to the front or back of a vehicle, it has the same firing arc as a BattleMech’s Front arc, with the same 3 hex facing. Should it be mounted aft, it would also have 3-hex facing, like the front. When mounted on the sides, the Pintle Mount has the same firing arcs Fore- and Aft-Side arcs that a Spheroid shaped DropShip has. It should be remembered that the mount is limited to the side where it's placed.[1]
  • Requirements - The vehicle that the Pintle Mount is fitted on must be powered and its designated gunnery crew must be active. If the crew is killed or stunned, they will not be able to use it.[1]


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