Piotr Baamonde

Piotr Baamonde
Character Profile
Affiliation La Grande Armée
Profession MechWarrior

Piotr Baamonde was, as of 3150, a MechWarrior within the mercenary unit La Grande Armée. Previously an IndustrialMech-piloting logger who grew bored with his life, Baamonde quickly signed up to the Armée when they arrived to recruit on his planet. He brought his experience traversing forests to the unit.[1]

In 3150, Baamonde, as part of La Grande Armée, fought Bartlett's Boxers over the remains of the SLDF 295th BattleMech Division. The battle ended in a victory for La Grande Armée.[2]

Game Rules (Alpha Strike)[edit]

Piotr ignores all woods movement penalties.[1]


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