Pitkin Lancers

Crest of the Outworlds Alliance
Pitkin Lancers
Formed 2582
Affiliation Outworlds Alliance
Parent Command Outworlds Alliance Militia

Unit Description[edit]

The Pitkin Lancers regiment was formed during the Reunification War. The unit was the sister regiment of the Santiago Carabiniers and was one of the first five BattleMech regiments to exist within the military command of the Outworlds Alliance.[1]



The Pitkin Lancers and their sister regiment, the Santiago Carabiniers, were formed during the Reunification War, using BattleMechs and equipment captured from the SLDF 27th Royal Brigade on Haynesville in 2852, and was one of the first two true BattleMech regiments; while the 1st Alliance BattleMech Regiment (Light) formed earlier, the 1st Alliance was a provisional organization initially equipped with a mix of BattleMechs and WorkMechs.[1]

The Lancers formed on Alpheratz and were soon deployed on Lushann, where in March 2583 the Star League tasked the entire Fifteenth Division with destroying the Alliance Regiment. Despite facing the entire 15th Division and elements of the 14th Division, the Pitkin Lancers survived, and alongside the Alliance Borderers and the 3rd Armored Division successfully prevented the Star League forces from conquering Lushann. The Lancers and other defending forces held the cities of Rotta and Sanbornton until the arrival of reinforcements in the form of the Pitcairn Legion in April 2583. The battle for Lushann became a slow grind that continued to rumble on up until the end of the Star League invasion of the Alliance on the 1st of August 2585 with the implementation of the Treaty of Cerberus.[2][3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Pitkin Lancers



Composition History[edit]




Reunification War[edit]

  • Pitkin Lancer lances and platoons should be generated by rolling on the Star League table as if the Lancers were a Royal unit, with any results that would include a piece of equipment post 2583 being rerolled automatically.[4]


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