Plenty of Room in the Nebula California

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Plenty of Room in the Nebula California
Product information
Type Sourcebook/Plotbook
(April Fools)
Author Herbert A. Beas II
Development Herbert A. Beas II (Project Developer)
Ray Arrastia (Line Developer)
Aaron Cahall (Assistant Line Developer)
Primary writing Herb A. Beas II
Mark Riggleman (Editor)
Étienne Charron-Willard (Record Sheets)
Pages 157
Cover Artwork Mark Hayden
Interior Artwork Mark Hayden (Original Art), David Kerber
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35APR26
First published 1 April 2023
MSRP $4.99
Era Dark Age
Timeline 3157
Series April Fools releases
Preceded by Welcome to the Nebula California


Plenty of Room in the Nebula California, the 2023 April Fools product, is a non-canon comedic sourcebook, a successor to the earlier Welcome to the Nebula California.

The sourcebook was written as a report/journal of a followup Interstellar Expeditions mission to rescue the previous 3105 California Nebula exploration team. The expedition found a message buoy with logs of the previous IE mission and their unusual discoveries lurking within the nebula. However, like the previous expedition, the would-be rescuers are also trapped in the California Nebula, prevented from jumping out and returning to the Inner Sphere.

The sourcebook provides regional data, character creation rules, record sheets, RPG weapons/equipment rules, and units for the crossover fiction universes covered therein.

Official Product Description[edit]

This Could be Heaven, or this Could be Hell!

Rimward of the Inner Sphere, far beyond reach or relevance to the major Houses and Clans who battle each other even now, lies a nebula long thought to be mundane, uninhabited, and insignificant. The last expedition to that cloud of space dust never returned. Over fifty years later, a second expedition now embarks to delve into the mystery that is the California Nebula!

Plenty of Room in the Nebula California is a special follow-up to Welcome to the Nebula California, with more off-beat settings for BattleTech adventures far from the hustle, bustle, and cyclic chaos of the Dark Age-era Inner Sphere. Here in this space—where the very laws of logic, physics, and biology seem warped and twisted beyond recognition—worlds, societies, and technologies have arisen among populations long lost to the realms humanity now calls home! Special rules, backstories, and record sheets are included for a host of new (and hopefully unique) … things, ready for play in your (really) advanced BattleTech and A Time of War games.


  • Explorers Report: Return to Nebula California — page 2
  • Heaven-Sent and Hell-Bound (Short Story) — page 10
  • Reminder: We Know Nothing!
  • Wasteland — page 12
  • Alpha-Beta-Gamma” - Page 15
    • Selected Military Units (Alpha-Beta-Gamma) - Page 21
      Alpha Federation Charter-class Starship
      Volk Leonard-class Cruiser (Alpha Federation)
      Ender Jeffrey-class Cruiser (Alpha Federation)
      Clan Genn G-7 (Colicos-class) Battlecruiser
      Ramonan Mk II Lenidas-class Cruiser
      Collective Capital Sphere
  • Cobalt — page 23
    • Selected Military Units (Cobalt) - Page 28
      CCA Adder Mk VII Space Superiority Fighter
      CCA Wyvern Mk III Heavy Support Craft
      CCA Nebular-class Aerospace Battle Carrier
      Cyberic Type A-72 Attack Fighter (Bandit)
      Cyberic Type C-64 Combat Shuttle (Bruiser)
      Cyberic I-7 Type Capital Command Ship (Big Spinner)
  • Jord— page 31
    • Selected Military Units (Jord) - Page 35
      Myrmidon Mk IV Tactical Armor Package (Battle Armor)
      Jordan MV12 Sæhrímnir IFV (Combat Vehicle)
      Jordan MB08 Sleipnir Main Battle Tank (Combat Vehicle)
      Maethrilite Predator Serpentis (Ultra Light BattleMech)
      Maethrilite Angelus Thanatos (Medium BattleMech)
      Maethrilite Homarus Rex (Superheavy Quad BattleMech)
  • Other Discoveries
    • Atlantropa
      (World War II-themed world)
      (Steampunk-themed world)
      (Shadowrun-themed world)
      (Mythology-themed world)
  • Final Conclusions — page 40
  • Rules Annex — page 25
    • Role-Playing Rules (A Time of War Rules)
      Wasteland Type and Modifiers
      • Species Data 
        Cybertic Functions, Skills, and Experience Table
      Alpha to Gamma Faction Small Arms and Gear
      Cobaltic Factions Small Arms and Gear
      Jordan / Maethrilite Factions Small Arms and Gear
      Role Playing Rules
      New Personnel Equipment Table
      Infantry Unit Construction Data
      Alpha-To-Gamma Heavy Equipment Table
      Colaltic / Cyberic Heavy Equipment Table
      Jordan / Maethrilite Heavy Equipment Table
      Recommended Miniatures for Featured Units
      New Heavy Weapons and Munitions
      • BSR 3D Handybot” IFV (Combat Vehicle)
        B4 Milibot (Wheeled Support Vehicle)
        F-45D Power Armor
        Wasteworld Battle Dumper (Combat Vehicle)
        Petro-Fortress Tractor (Wheeled Support Vehicle)
        Wasteworld Pursuer (Ultralight Wheeled Support Vehicle)
        LP-838 Patriot (Medium BattleMech)
        C-800 Marine (Power Armor)
        SH-250D Stalker / Harvester Tank (Heavy Combat Vehicle)
        ASH-400A4 Airborne Stalker / Harvester (Combat Vehicle VTOL)
  • Record Sheets — page 117


As an April Fools product, this PDF is explicitly considered noncanonical. The book also serves as parody book, with a number of references to favorite science fiction genres and franchises.