Point Commander

Clan Rank Insignias
(Jade Falcon as example)
JadeFalcon-TBKhan.png Khan
JadeFalcon-TBKhan.png saKhan
JadeFalcon-TBGalaxyCommander.png Galaxy Commander
JadeFalcon-TBStarColonel.png Star Colonel
JadeFalcon-TBStarCaptain.png Star Captain
JadeFalcon-TBStarCommander.png Star Commander
JadeFalcon-TBPointCommander.png Point Commander

Point Commander is the first official level of command authority.[1] In the Clans a Point Commander is the rank of a Point's commanding officer. The amount of authority carried by the Point Commander rank isn't like many other military ranks as the Clan Point varies in size.

Since a single 'Mech constitutes a Point in Clan military structure, technically every Clan MechWarrior has the rank of Point Commander, though only the vainest actually use that title.[2]

The rank carries more authority in the other branches of the Clan military. In aerospace fighter points, the Point Commander acts as the flight lead. In battle armor Points, the Point Commander leads the five Elementals much like an Inner Sphere Corporal, coordinating their strikes. An armored vehicle Point Commander is responsible for both tanks in the point. Finally, conventional (non–battle armor) infantry Point Commanders command 25-soldier points. (In the Inner Sphere this infantry formation would be a platoon and typically be commanded by a Lieutenant.)

On space vessels, some Clans will place a Point Commander in charge of a team of non–warrior caste crewmen (e.g. Technicians). In such instances, these warriors go by the rank of Star Commander, Junior Grade.[3]

Clan Insignia
Clan Blood Spirit Blood-Spirits-Point-Commander.png
Clan Cloud Cobra CloudCobra-PointCommander.png
Clan Coyote Coyote-PointCommander.png
Clan Diamond Shark DiamondShark-PointCommander.png
Clan Fire Mandrill FireMandrill-PointCommander.png
Clan Ghost Bear GhostBear-PointCommander.png
Clan Goliath Scorpion GoliathScorpion-PointCommander.png
Clan Hell's Horses HellsHorses-PointCommander.png
Clan Ice Hellion IceHellion-PointCommander.png
Clan Jade Falcon (Trueborn)
Clan Nova Cat (SLDF) NovaCat-PointCommander.png
Clan Smoke Jaguar SmokeJaguar-PointCommander.png
Clan Snow Raven MechWarrior
Aerospace fighter
Clan Steel Viper SteelViper-PointCommander.png
Clan Wolf / Clan Wolf-in-Exile Wolf-PointCommander.png

Point 1-5[edit]

In certain formations that consist of a large number of warriors (solahma conventional infantry platoons or WarShip crews for example) or when dealing with Inner Sphere military forces, a clear chain of command is needed. As such a senior Warrior can be designated by the Point Commander as Point 1, Point 2, Point 3, Point 4, or Point 5. The lowest of these ranks, Point 1 and Point 2 could be considered equivalent to an Inner Sphere Corporal, while the upper ranks, Point 3, Point 4 and Point 5 could be considered equivalent to an Inner Sphere Sergeant. A Point 4 is the Point Commander's senior assistant.[4] These Point designations also serve to identify the position of a MechWarrior in a Star.


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