Policy:Real People

In lieu with our Policy:Notability, Sarna BattleTechWiki includes articles about real people - living or dead - who are linked to BattleTech in some way, though with a focus on those aspects of their work or biography that are relevant for BattleTech.

Due diligence[edit]

Due to the nonfictional and sensitive nature of the subject matter, editors need to take care to maintain a neutral point of view. Information should be properly sourced, and absolutely needs to be accurate and unbiased.


see also: Policy:Images

This ties into the previous point: Information about real people needs to comply with privacy laws and should only be sourced from publicly available sources. Information and images can be used if they have been legally published online or in a book, magazine or similar print product. They can only be used with permission otherwise.

Articles about yourself[edit]

You are free, even invited and encouraged, to edit an article about yourself here (but please understand that article creation must still conform to our Policy:Notability).

There seems to be a widespread presumption to the effect that people should refrain from editing articles about themselves. This is explicitly not true for Sarna BTW. Since nobody knows your affairs better than you do, your factual and truthful input is welcome to improve the article.

Contentious content[edit]

Some people will be involved in disputes with each other, in legal conflicts, or otherwise have contentious information about them that may be covered in the respective articles, to the extent it is relevant in a BattleTech context.

It is important to remember that Sarna BTW, while covering such content in a factual and encyclopedic way, should not get involved in such a dispute or be judgmental about it.