Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Volga


As of 3059 the Volga-class transport Pompeii was serving as the CSA Pompeii within the Clan Star Adder touman. The Pompeii was one of two Volga-class vessels serving within the Star Adder touman at the time - the other being her sister vessel CSA Cho Polu - and both vessels were working together to patrol the trade route between Paxon and Sheridan.[1] The Pompeii remained an active part of the Star Adder touman for the next decade[2] but was lost in action during the Wars of Reaving.[3]

By early 3070 the Pompeii was one of two Star Adder WarShips stationed in the York system, serving alongside the York-class destroyer CSA Exodus Ranger as a continuing albeit diminished naval presence in support of the single Star Adder enclave that continued to survive on the Clan Blood Spirit homeworld.[4]

In November 3072 the Pompeii and an attendant group of three JumpShips arrived in the Tanis system as part of a routine roulemont of the Star Adder garrison in the system. Star Admiral Humphrey Truscott, the commanding officer of the Pompeii, was stunned to discover that the Tanis system was no longer under the control of either the Star Adders or their allies, Clan Cloud Cobra; instead, the nadir jump point was guarded by three Carrier-class DropShips and a significant AeroSpace Fighter force bearing the colors of Clan Burrock. Admiral Truscott immediately ordered the JumpShip CSA Cancer to jump out and relay the information back to the Clan; even as the Cancer jumped, the Adder forces came under attack, with both of the other JumpShips destroyed even as they were launching their DropShips. The resulting engagement was brutal, with just one Carrier and a handful of fighters left active after the battle; the Pompeii managed to escape from the Tanis system by hot-charging her jump drive, but the emergency jump inflicted catastrophic damage on the K-F Drive and the result was a fatal misjump. The mangled, twisted wreckage of the Pompeii appeared from hyperspace at her destination some eight months after initiating the fatal jump from Tanis.[3]


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