Port Krin

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Port Krin is the largest and wealthiest city on the Periphery world of Antallos and was located on the eastern shores of TaliSea.

Port Krin City Map


The wealthiest and largest city on the planet, Port Krin was first established soon after the colonists arrived. Located on the eastern shores of TaliSea, "the Port" evolved into a freshwater fishing community made rich by a gold rush. When the Succession Wars broke out, the city was devastated as pirates and Combine raiders constantly sacked the world.[citation needed]

Those city-states that managed to survive the Succession Wars were forced to rebuild their economies through illegal projects, and Port Krin was no exception. The Port became a haven for smugglers and slavers and was also one of the most aggressive city-states to rise from the first two Succession Wars. Port Krin became a refuge for pirates eager to conceal themselves from authorities or sell their enslaved persons and other illegal gains. Shortly after the Fourth Succession War, fortune favored Port Krin; several small caches of lostech survived and were discovered in the Free Zone near the city, bringing a flood of treasure-hunters (and their money).[citation needed]

During the late thirty-first century the politics of the Port remained as deadly as ever. Numerous groups have taken over the City, each one worse than the last. The latest in a long line of rulers was Vance Rezak and his Band of the Damned. Despite this, the city ran reasonably well. Brutal punishment was meted out on the spot for murder and thievery, assuming the culprits couldn't bribe themselves free. This type of law enforcement maintained enough order for the city to collect taxes and assured that local traders are not disrupted.[citation needed]

Port Krin not only thrived on the slave, drug and weapons trades, but also on the less important commerce provided by its own dueling circuit. Similar to the Solaris VII games, the Port hosted its own arenas for 'Mech and man-to-man combat. An entire entertainment industry grew up around these "games", including gambling, nightclubs and even a local media outlet centered on Krin Entertainment, Incorporated.