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Power Packs are portable, standardized energy sources used to provide power for energy weapons and electronic devices in the thirty-first century. They fulfill the need for a permanent power source where plugging into an electrical outlet is inconvenient or unavailable, although the packs themselves will eventually run dry and require recharging, either by plugging into the local power grid or a variety of recharger stations.[1][2]

Standard Power Packs[edit]

Standard power packs come in several types depending on their role and are the cheapest, most readily available batteries within the Inner Sphere.

Power Pack[edit]

The common Power Pack is typically the size of a pistol's grip, making it easy to store. While it provides enough of a charge for most electronic devices, it will be quickly drained after only a few shots from most energy weapons.[1]

  • Item: Power Pack[3]
  • Equipment Rating: D/A-B-A/A
  • Cost: 5
  • Mass: 250g
  • Power Capacity: 20

Micro Power Pack[edit]

Micro Power Packs are much smaller, roughly the size of a coin, making them ideal for handheld devices; however they carry less charge and are more expensive than standard packs.[1]

  • Item: Micro Power Pack[3]
  • Equipment Rating: D/A-B-A/A
  • Cost: 10
  • Mass: 15g
  • Power Capacity: 15

Satchel Battery[edit]

A Satchel Battery provides a greater charge than standard packs, but is the weight and size of a full canteen, requiring it to be attached to a belt or combat webbing.[1]

  • Item: Satchel Battery[3]
  • Equipment Rating: D/A-B-A/A
  • Cost: 20
  • Mass: 2kg
  • Power Capacity: 100

Military Power Pack[edit]

The largest of standard batteries are Military Power Packs, approximately the size of a backpack, which provide the greatest amount of charge.[1]

  • Item: Military Power Pack[3]
  • Equipment Rating: D/A-B-A/B
  • Cost: 40
  • Mass: 4kg
  • Power Capacity: 200

Other Power Packs[edit]

Variations on the standard power packs exist both in the Inner Sphere and among the Clans


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