Precision Weaponry

Precision Weaponry
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Tancredi IV
Primary Products BattleMechs

Precision Weaponry is one of the last independent heavy weapon manufacturers in the Federated Suns. [1]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: PRecLaS [1]

Home Office: Buo Dane, Tancredi IV [1]


Founded as Precision Laser Systems as a division of the then massive Kankadi Corporation, the company was spun off and thrived as a manufacturer of laser systems for medical, industrial and military purposes. The economic turmoil of the Succession Wars era forced the company to sell off its now poorly performing medical and industrial divisions, renaming itself as Precision Weaponry as it focused on the military market to stay in business. Around this time the company also literally went underground, moving its production lines into massive subsurface facilities in response to repeated pirate and Successor State military attacks. Despite the hardships, which included attempted hostile takeovers and industrial espionage, Precision continues to do significant business with the AFFS on the back of its popular Sutel Precision Line brand laser weaponry bolstered by its licensed production of Magna lasers and Defiance Industries PPCs. [1]

Suffering losses of 25% during the Word of Blake Jihad,[2] in 3072 the company set up RetroTech BattleMech production lines to supply desperate 'Mech starved Draconis March militias. Done so without the approval of New Avalon, Precision became the poster child for the FedSuns government's crack-down on such low-quality "boutique" production as the Jihad wound down [3] after a primitive RLF-1N Rifleman constructed by the company exploded, causing the DropShip it was aboard to crash into one of Tancredi's major cities. [4] Despite this tragedy, the company was still continuing BattleMech construction as of 3079. [3]


In 3067 the CEO was Samael Beltrous.[1]


Precision Weaponry has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Tancredi IV[edit]

Components produced on Tancredi IV:[5]
Component Type
Rook [3] Medium BattleMech
Rifleman [3] Heavy BattleMech
BattleAxe [3] Heavy BattleMech
Defiance 1001 [citation needed]
Small Pulse Laser
Magna 200P [citation needed]
Sutel Precision Line Wasp[5]
Medium Pulse Laser
Magna 600P [citation needed]
Sutel Precision Line Valkyrie, Phoenix Hawk, JagerMech, Wolverine, Caesar, and Marauder[5]
Large Pulse Laser
Magna 900P [citation needed]
Sutel Precision Line Griffin, Axman, and Marauder[5]



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