Predator (Individual Lung Wang-class DropShip)

This article is about the individual DropShip. For other uses, see Predator (disambiguation).
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Lung Wang P2 prototype/template
Previous classes Lung Wang (modified)


The CCS Predator was a Lung Wang-class DropShip in service with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, and as of 3076 was considered the most decorated Lung Wang in the Capellan navy. She had fought in the Jihad with distinction, tangled with Word of Blake Pocket WarShips on several occasions, and destroyed two Union-class Pocket WarShips on her own.[1]

Manufacturer Rashpur-Owens, Inc. requested the Predator in 3076 for an experimental refit that saw the vessel's nose weapons bay upgraded to three salvaged Sub-Capital Laser/3s and three ELRM-20 launchers, two Large Pulse Laser and a Medium Pulse Laser to further improve its already formidable anti-aerospace fighter capabilities. Also, a salvaged mobile HPG was installed for improved early warning and patrol capabilities. The cargo capacity was reduced to 18.5 tons, and twenty-five additional double heat sinks were installed (for a total of 100).[1]

The refit proved successful, and spawned the Lung Wang P2 subclass that was put into regular production henceforward as the Confederation's standard Assault DropShip (minus the mobile HPG in the line version).[2] The Predator is considered the first official prototype of the Lung Wang P2 class.

As of 3090, the Predator remains in service. Although the Confederation officially claims it was stripped down to P2 production standards, Republic of the Sphere intelligence indicates it retained its mobile HPG and served with the Capellan Death Commandos exclusively.[2]


  • Technical Readout: Prototypes states that the CCS Predator destroyed two Blakist Union Pocket WarShips in a single confrontation. While this is likely the same event that was previously mentioned in Experimental Technical Readout: Liao, the latter source seems to imply the destruction of the two Unions took place prior to the Predator's conversion, while the former source seems to imply it proved the power of the Predator after its conversion. It is thus possible that the Predator destroyed altogether four Union Pocket WarShips by 3090.


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