Primitive engine

Primitive Engines were developed alongside the primitive cockpit and primitive armor, which were frequently used during the Age of War.


Compared to their Star League and Succession War-era counterparts, primitive engines are larger and less efficient; typically, modern engines are 80% the size of these early engines for the same amount of power.[1] The first Mackie for example, used a 33-ton, 360-rated engine to move at a top speed of 54 km/h.[2] At the fall of the Star League, this engine had been replaced by a 19-ton model with a rating of 300.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

The primitive engine is larger than its Succession Wars- or Star League-era equivalents. To reflect this, compute the engine rating as normal, then multiply that rating by 1.2 to get the Primitive Engine Rating (round up to nearest whole engine rating). Use the Primitive Engine Rating to get its weight.[1]


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