Primus of ComStar

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This article is about the leader of ComStar. For the planet, see Primus (system).

The Primus of ComStar is the supreme leader of the organization. The Primus makes all major decisions for the Order, which can be overridden by a majority vote of the First Circuit.

Succession and Removal[edit]

Along with the overall hierarchy of the Order, the process of naming a Primus was officially formalized by Raymond Karpov's Doctrinal Edict of 2861, in which the current Primus would choose his or her successor, who would then be confirmed by the First Circuit. After the overthrow of the so called "Mad Primus" Dwight Kurstin, his successor Gregori Hartford passed several reforms during his tenure that permitted the First Circuit to name a successor to the Primus or to remove a Primus from power on a unanimous vote of all Precentors. However since the Primus also votes in all decisions in the First Circuit, removal is very unlikely.


Since the formation of ComStar, there have been a total of 15 Primuses:

Name Previous Position Time Served
Prime Administrator of ComStar
Jerome Blake[1] Star League Minister of Communications 27882819
Primus of ComStar
Conrad Toyama[2] Precentor Dieron 28192837
Raymond Karpov[3] Precentor Alpha C 28372875
Andrea Marteen[4] Precentor Arcturus 28752901
Dwight Kurstin[5] Precentor Caph 29012902
Gregori Hartford[6] Precentor Procyon 29022910
Kari Marshall[6] Precentor Procyon 29102930
Holling York[7] Precentor New Earth 29302947
Adrienne Sims[8] Precentor Oriente 29472979
Yin Takami[9] Precentor New Earth 29792994
Allen Rusenstein[10] Precentor Alpha C 29943006
Julian Tiepolo[11] Precentor Atreus 30063029
Myndo Waterly[12] Precentor Dieron 30293052
Sharilar Mori[13] Precentor Dieron 30523068
Gavin Dow[14][15] First Precentor 30683091
Lisa Koenigs-Cober[16] Unknown 3091 – 31??


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