Princefield Military Academy

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Princefield Military Academy
Princefield Military Academy Logo
Princefield Military Academy Logo
Academy Information
Founding Year Succession War era
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Considered as one of the most prestigious academies in the Free Worlds League, the Princefield Military Academy provided the Grand Duchy of Oriente with fine soldiers in the past seven hundred fifty years. Many of the most famous commanders graduated from here. For many young nobles, the Academy is their finishing school.[1]

In 3135 the Academy was led by Baron General Patrick Ryan.[2]


Entry to the Princefield Military Academy is open to all citizens (in theory), but only those with the proper political connections, or funding, are gained admittance. Political orthodoxy were the roots of trouble at the academy in the past. For this reason the LCCC ensures, that a certain number of common-born students gain entrance, but the nobles abuse the "normal" cadets at their will.[1]

Basic Training[edit]

In the first eighteen months, the students learn the basics of daily military life through physical training and personal weapons use. The basics of strategy, tactics and military history are also taught.[1]

Advanced Individual Training[edit]

Competition is fierce, because only 20 percent of a class can go on to learn BattleMech/Aerospace operations. Those cadets who go further, learn in two years all aspects in modern warfare. Every cadet spends time in a command role, which gives the instructors the opportunity to separate cadets with potential for command, from those without. The decision from these will be the start of a career or will deny one. Students who can't pass the mark for access to BattleMech/aerospace operations, must enter another field (armor, infantry or artillery) and spend another 18 month at the academy. The academy also has excellent programs for technical, medical and reconnaissance personnel. Officier students learn to improve their leadership and communication skills.[1]


Duels are an accepted part of the academy life, because of the intense rivalry between the students. The schools Provost Marshal oversees such cases and allows it, when the combatants can explain their situation. The division between "blue-bloods" and "proles" (nobles and commoners), cause many problems and the preference of the nobles stokes the motions. The students are equally capable as other students from different academies.[1]


The top five percent of the graduates are allowed to select their units. The rest enters service with the Fusiliers of Oriente or the Marik Guards. Any graduates with at least five years of field experience, or who has received the Silver Cross, the Oriente Legion of Merit or the Order of the Saber, may return as an instructor for the academy.[1]


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