Principality of Rasalhague Invasion

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Principality of Rasalhague Invasion
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 2330
End Date 2367
Location Principality of Rasalhague
Result Draconis Combine victory
Principality of Rasalhague becomes a vassal state
Draconis Combine
Principality of Rasalhague
Commanders and leaders
Victor Kurita
Isaac Kurita

The Conquest of the Principality of Rasalhague was officially conducted by the Draconis Combine between 2330 and 2367 although Rasalhague would remain a semi-independent state until 2510.[1]

Early Stages[edit]

Beginning in 2330 the Draconis Combine launched an aggressive invasion of the Principality of Rasalhague. Meeting only light resistance in the early stages of the conflict the Combine captured several worlds.[1]

Rasalhague Counterattack[edit]

In late 2334 Principality forces began a coordinated counterattack entirely wiping out the occupying forces on New Bergen.[1]

1 Sept 2334[edit]

On New Bergen, to defend the capital city, New Bergen Militia troops set up near Striker's Riches River to guard the main fords or routes across the kilometer-wide river. By placing the bulk of the Principality of Rasalhague defenders at Pylar's Bridge, the southernmost crossing, and Winston's Ford, the northernmost crossing, the Militia hoped to force the invaders, led by Warlord Urizen Kurita's sons Victor and Isaac, to fight on their terms. The PoR troops set up heavy Armored Vehicle units along the ledge of a bluff overlooking the middle portions of the river, a high-ground vantage point. The Kuritans rolled in from the east, as if to give the defenders what they wanted. However, before the DC troops came into view of the defenders, a light Armored Vehicle column broke off, heading north at full speed. A local citizen loyal to the DC revealed a small ford further north of Winston's Ford, unbeknownst to the defenders. The main attacking body was to hold the defenders in place, rather than defeat them, letting the detached unit dislodge them out of their high-ground location, then trap them against the river. Thick fog made visual scans nearly impossible and worn out machinery on both sides made electronics unreliable[citation needed]

2 Sept 2334[edit]

Against recon reports, the Rasalhague commander argued that since the invaders were larger in force, they would stick together, throwing their full weight against his defenses in one big assault. Meanwhile, the detached column to the north had crossed the unknown ford with no problems and was now heading south. They battled against PoR Infantry that had been assigned to defend crossings closer to the main defense force, losing two Armored Vehicles to shoulder-fired rockets. When they appeared on the left flank of the main Militia defense line, it threw the defenders into chaos. The PoR commander immediately knew he'd been outmaneuvered. Under the long-range guns of the main invasion force across Striker's Riches River, the DC's quick LAV detachment from the north advanced. The defenders retreated off their bluff to find higher ground in nearby rolling hills. The DC detachment proved too fast for the Militia, blocking their intended route and forcing them south to Judgetown. Moving rapidly through Judgetown with a quick stop for easily-grabbed supplies, the PoR force moved through the town and dispersed[citation needed]

4 Sept 2334[edit]

The majority of the DC's force set up at the capital. Frequent patrols in force were sent out, many of which were ambushed by well-coordinated PoR fighters conducting a guerrilla campaign.[citation needed]

17 Nov 2334[edit]

A trusted local cook brought in force leader Victor Kurita's breakfast, complete with his personal favorite morning nutrition and a homemade bomb covered in nails. The blast killed Victor, the cook, four bodyguards and three other local civilians forced into servitude[citation needed]

18 Nov 2334[edit]

Isaac Kurita randomly rounds up 150 townspeople, including children, lines them up on a sportsman's shooting range and holds contests amongst his troops for best marksman[citation needed]

25 Dec 2334[edit]

Consolidating captured Armored Vehicles and equipment gained from highly-successful raids and ambushes, the PoR's New Bergen Militia regroups. When the militia's attack commences, local civilians use their own personal small arms to assist in the attack. The building Isaac Kurita retreats to is blown up by one of his own Armored Vehicles after getting a false report that the building was being used by Militia troops.[citation needed]


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