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Procyon 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-5.043 : -11.064[e]
Spectral classF5V[1]
Recharge time176 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)Zenith (3130)[1]

The Procyon system was home to at least one habitable world, Procyon II, and as of 3151 was located in the Tikonov Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[2]

System Description[edit]

Procyon is located near the Sirius and Keid systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Procyon II[edit]

System positionSecond[1]
Jump Point distance14.94 Days[1]
Surface gravity0.97[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature30°C[1]
Surface water62%[1]
Highest native lifeReptiles[1]
Landmasses2 (Halbiero, Greene)[1]
History and Culture
Population1,980,173,000 (3123),[40]
1,908,061,000 (3130)[1][41]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderAlisendar Gyrn (3057–3059),[1]
Legate Michael Carrington (3130)[1][41]
CapitalCalgary (3030),[42]
Gilded Halls (3130)[1]
HPG ClassA[40]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Carter Hall (3025)[43]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

The Terran Alliance settled Procyon in 2134, drawn by the resources available on the planet, and over time the planet became a stronghold for the Terran Alliance.[1] Procyon was one of the worlds that remained a part of the Terran Alliance following the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the Demarcation Declaration of 2242,[3] and became one of the worlds within the Alliance Core region of the Terran Hegemony.[10] The Capellan Confederation captured the Procyon system in 2370, along with the neighboring Sirius system.[7]

Star League Era[edit]

During the Star League era Procyon was home to a major Star League Defense Force naval base as well as a number of Castles Brian; Procyon was also notable for being home to a BattleMech factory owned by the Brigadier Corporation. Procyon also became somewhat infamous during the reign of the Star League due to its being the location from which Oliver Marik and his supporters planned what would become the Marik Civil War.[1]

During the Amaris Civil War Procyon suffered damage, as did many other Terran Hegemony planets; the large Castle Brian located east of the planetary capital city, Gilded Halls, was leveled by orbital bombardment, while the Castles Brian dotted within the Unspoiled Isles were also destroyed. The cities located in the Unclaimed Isles would subsequently be abandoned as Procyon declined.[1]

Early Succession Wars[edit]

Procyon was seized and held by the Free Worlds League after the fall of the Star League, although after almost two centuries of League rule the Capellan Confederation managed to conquer the planet. The planetary population retained a largely indifferent attitude towards their erstwhile conquerors, clinging instead to the majority of the customs they had retained from the days of the Terran Hegemony, and the planetary economy became increasingly agricultural; nowhere was the overall sense of apathy more obvious than in Cleveberg, the city where the Brigadier Corporation factory was located. The city dwindled until it was barely more than a ghost city, while the 'Mech plant was abandoned and left derelict.[1]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following Colonel Pavel Ridzik defecting from the Capellan Confederation and declaring himself the ruler of a new realm, the Tikonov Free Republic, the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth began attempting to persuade Ridzik to launch military operations against the Free Worlds League, to help keep the League distracted and busy during the Fourth Succession War. Ridzik kept negotiations open with all three parties - with the League attempting to court him as an ally as well - while he restructured his realm, settling old scores, installing friends and allies in positions of power and purging his newly founded military of loyalist elements. Within a few months Ridzik had become bored, and decided to launch attacks on the League... without bothering to tell his own diplomats, who continued negotiations right up until news of the attack reached them.[42]

Procyon was one of a number of systems attacked by Ridzik; Ridzik considered Procyon important enough that he brought two 'Mech regiments, determined to gain control of the resources and industrial base Procyon offered. One of his objectives was to try and secure the old Brigadier Corporation plant, convinced that he would be able to emulate the success displayed by the New Avalon Institute of Science in recovering Star League era technology with the dilapidated plant.[42]

When Ridzik arrived, the Second Sirian Lancers under the command of Colonel Jenny Twofeathers had been fighting a year-long campaign in the foothills east of Calgary, the planetary capital city, against a force of two regiments of guerrillas aligned with the Capellan Confederation who had managed to evade destruction and continually preyed on the convoys moving between the gem mines and Calgary. Ridzik gambled that the guerrillas' loyalty would switch from the Confederation to his Republic, and deployed the First and Second Republican BattleMech Regiments and twelve assorted conventional regiments to capture Procyon, leading the Second himself. Among his task force's escorts was a Vengeance-class fighter carrier, the Omaha Beach, and the aerospace fighters from the Omaha Beach plus those from the Republican regiments were enough to secure the skies above his chosen drop zones despite efforts from the Sirian Lancers' aerospace forces to contest the attack.[42]

Ridzik's plan for capturing Procyon revolved around capturing several essential bridges across the George River before seizing the capital; two of the bridges, the Bayson and Vacor bridges were closest to the drop zones and were quickly captured. Ridzik had dropped twenty assault craft on the bridges, each carrying an armored vehicle and an infantry platoon, to secure them ahead of the arrival of more of the Tikonov Free Republic Army forces, with the greater part of the dropping troops assigned to capture the Charles Bridge, which was closest to Calgary. The Sirian Lancers second-guessed the objective and deployed forces to fight for the bridge, while the senior TFRA officer - Major Sandra Stankowski - called on aerospace forces to help seize the bridge. Ridzik led the Second Republican towards Stankowski's forces, with his command company being the first to engage the enemy, while the First Republican drove for Calgary.[42]

Colonel Carla Nisora was in command of the First, and grew increasingly frustrated as her advance was bogged down by an unmapped marshland and harassing attacks from a battalion of League hovercraft. After finally reaching the Bayson Bridge to relieve the advance forces the First was forced to wade through a League armored regiment during its attempts to link up with the Second Republican, while the fight at the Charles Bridge became increasingly desperate. As the Second approached the bridge Ridzik ended up battling personally against Colonel Twofeathers' Marauder as his forces tried to avoid and then overcome a battalion of Sirian Lancer 'Mechs and two supporting armor regiments encountered just a kilometer from the bridge. Ridzik managed to inflict enough damage on Twofeathers' 'Mech to cause it to explode, and the First reached the bridge just in time; the remains of Stankowski's force had been pushed back until they were pinned between two Sirian assault 'Mechs located at either end of the bridge. The arrival of increasing numbers of Republican 'Mechs caused those two Marik pilots to surrender, but the surviving Lancer forces retreated into the hills in an attempt to continue fighting. A week later, having been attacked by the guerrilla forces, the Lancers abandoned Procyon.[42]

Clan Invasion Era[edit]

Earthwerks Incorporated purchased the derelict Brigadier Corporation plant in 3050 and began restoring it.[1]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

The Procyon system wasn't a target of the Operation GUERRERO campaign launched by the Free Worlds League, but on 24 October 3057 the local HPG transmitter was seized by an unidentified faction. Approximately two months later, JumpShips entering either the Procyon or Sirius systems began being challenged by transmissions declaring that they had entered the Sirian Holds, and were ordered to leave or face destruction. This continued for some time, with at least two independent trading ships being reported missing. The Free Worlds League made multiple attempts to open up diplomatic communications with either system, but all such efforts went unanswered, as did efforts by ComStar to initiate contact, although observations indicated that the two systems were exchanging HPG transmissions with each other. Reports indicated that the planetary government on Procyon had recently contracted a mercenary unit named Boodelay's Backup prior to the formation of the Sirian Holds.[7]

It was some time before the mystery around the Sirian Holds was solved; both Procyon and Sirius had been taken over by the supporters of a charismatic former ComStar acolyte named Alisendar Gyrn. Gyrn was a member of an ancient trading family from Sirius, and had fallen prey to delusions years before that led him to believe he was the reincarnation of Jerome Blake. Under the thrall of these delusions, Gyrn had spent years recruiting devoted followers in both systems, and he seized on the disruption caused by Operation GUERRERO to lead his followers in an uprising. Gyrn seized both HPG stations, and used assassins to kill key officers in Boodelay's Backup and Jo's Fourth Cavalry, the mercenary force employed by the planetary government on Sirius. Followers of Gyrn who had infiltrated the support staffs of both mercenary units were responsible for sabotaging key equipment, such as the mercenary commands' JumpShips, and Gyrn had the supplies to both units cut off. Many of the mercenaries attempted to contest Gyrn's actions, but were unsuccessful when they tried to depose Gyrn, and the survivors were forced to retreat into the wilderness.[44]

With the HPGs under his control and the local mercenary forces neutralized, Gyrn's rule over the newly formed Sirian Holds was announced by his loyal followers to the stunned populations of both systems. No mention was made at first of the alleged divinity of Alisendar Gyrn; instead, the takeover was pitched as freeing the systems from the Great Houses, and there was relatively little protest from the population, at least at first. When word reached the wider population of what had happened to the mercenary troops, along with the discovery that Gyrn was in control of the HPG systems, protests broke out. As the protests accelerated towards becoming an open revolt, Gyrn announced that both systems needed to be "purified"; this purification consisted of destroying all modern technology. Gyrn's followers rounded up intellectuals, technicians, dissenters and various other groups, with the roundups being described as the beginning of a process of reeducation; instead, those gathered up were murdered in killing fields outside the capital city, to prevent them posing any kind of threat to Gyrn.[44]

Subsequently believed to be a renegade Blakist, Gyrn's hellish regime fell on 19 September 3059, when Sirian Lancers and Fourth Free Worlds Legionnaires forces captured Procyon and Sirius and returned it to League rule.[45][1]

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Mere minutes before Gyrn's regime fell to Sirian Lancer 'Mechs, resistance fighters led by a former Jo's Fourth Cavalry member managed to injure Gyrn at his headquarters, Demon's Roost after posing as members of his gang, the Demons. The resistance was angered that despite his atrocities, Gyrn was captured for trial instead of being executed.[46]

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The Jihad[edit]

During the third week of June 3069, the worlds of Berenson, Irian, Procyon, and Sirius were rocked by internal conflict as Free Worlds League Loyalists clashed with local government forces as a result of the local governments turning against the false Thomas Marik and the government on Atreus.[47]

In 3073, Precentor David Fellers who was promoted and sent to take command of a Procyon reeducation camp.[48]

The Dark Age[edit]

Incorporated into the Republic of the Sphere, Procyon remained a largely agricultural planet. The Unspoiled Isles were heavily wooded by the height of the Dark Age, whilst the majority of the population lived on Greene, which was home to the majority of Procyon's small cities and major agroplexes, although much of the continent consisted of forests and sparsely inhabited farmsteads. Located on the Wantu River, Gilded Halls remained the planetary capital city and the city of the largest planetary spaceport, but the city of Cleveberg on Halbiero had experienced something of a minor revival that began with Earthwerks' purchase of the Brigadier planet in 3050. By 3130 the plant - now operating as Earthwerks-Procyon Engineering Vehicles - was producing and exporting enough industrial vehicles and IndustrialMechs to qualify it as a secondary planetary industry.[1]

On 7 August 3132, Procyon's HPG was attacked by unidentified forces in royal blue, who were fended off by Republic forces and Com Guards. This successful defense did not save the HPG from having its core burn out. The presence of Com Guard battle armor was quickly concealed by Adept Patricia Harwell.[49]

In July 3133, the Arms Free Society, an influential Republic of the Sphere peace organization from the 3080s, reformed on Procyon. It announced its rebirth with a march in the capital, Guilded Halls.[50]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Second Sirian Lancers (until July)[42]






Procyon is a resource-rich planet with two large continents and numerous continental islands. The southern continent, Halbiero, is rocky and pockmarked, while the supercontinent of Greene lies north of Halbiero and extends up into the northern polar regions of the planet. East of Halbiero a chain of islands known as the Unspoiled Islands stretches through Procyon's southern hemisphere.[1]

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The database of the (apocryphal) 1989 video game MechWarrior, set around the year 3025, gives a population of 5.250 billion for Procyon and describes the environment as "tropical" (out of only three broad impressions of planetary environments given in the game, these being "desert," "ice," and "tropical"). The description one-liner reads "Once home to the Brigadier 'Mech Co. - now extinct."

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Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Calgary: planetary capital as of 3030[42]
  • Cleveburg: site of the Brigadier 'Mech factory[42]
  • Guilded Halls: planetary capital by 3123, found on the northern continent of Greene[40]

Companies and Industries[edit]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 84 systems (83 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Sirius 4.1 Keid 8.2 Carver 9.7 Sol 12.2
New Home 12.4 Rigil Kentarus 13.8 Tau Ceti 15.9 Bryant 18.3
Graham 18.5 Hechnar 19.1 Xi Ursae Majoris 20.3 Caph 20.8
Brownsville 22.0 Outreach 23.7 Killbourn 24.2 Epsilon Eridani 25.5
Thorin 26.5 Pollux 26.9 Oliver 27.1 New Stevens 27.8
Altair 28.4 Zavijava 28.8 Chara 29.8 Fomalhaut 30.7
Dieron 31.2 Devil's Rock 31.4 Yorii 32.4 Tabit 33.0
Capolla 33.0 Lipton 33.7 Denebola 34.1 Hall 34.4
Muphrid 34.5 Epsilon Indi 34.5 Terra Firma 35.6 Castor 35.8
Talitha 37.5 Rocky 37.6 Asta 37.7 Saffel 38.2
Zollikofen 38.7 Northwind 40.0 Chisholm 40.4 Van Diemen 41.3
Hsien 44.6 Mandal 45.1 Zosma 45.1 Imbros 45.2
Wasat 46.0 Haddings 46.3 Afleir 46.9 Sheratan 47.1
Lockdale 47.3 Menkent 47.6 Athenry 47.7 Styx 47.9
Nanking 49.3 Nirasaki 49.8 Bex 51.2 New Dallas 52.0
Acamar 52.4 Lyons 52.9 Dyev 53.0 Fletcher 53.3
Marcus 54.1 Summer 54.2 Ingress 55.2 Woodstock 55.5
Tall Trees 56.0 Quentin 56.2 Pike 56.3 Ko 56.5
Small World 56.9 Connaught 57.3 Callison 57.7 Saiph 57.8
Zurich 57.8 Mizar 58.8 Deneb Algedi 59.2 Errai 59.4
Alioth 59.4 New Britain 59.5 Menkalinan 59.8 Berenson 60.7


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