Professional Soldiery Liaison

A service division of the Draconis Combine's Ministry of War (Hyöbushö: Ministry of the Expansion of the Glories of the Draconis Combine; the Pillar of Steel) and thus under direct control of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery High Command,[1] the Professional Soldiery Liaison (PSL) is responsible for handling relations with mercenaries, including recruitment and supervision, implicitly right down to the Company Store scheme. The PSL is organized as a distinct service branch within the Ministry alongside the DCMS, not as an integral part of the DCMS.[2] The Office of Professional Soldiery Liaison previously used to be a department within the DCMS as of 2822.[3]

Mercenaries under contract to corporations or private citizens are automatically assigned agents from the Internal Security Force and the PSL.[4]

The PSL corps is staffed by diplomats and bureaucrats[5] as well as DCMS officers. The latter usually serve as liaison officers, working directly with the mercenary commands in the field and usually also for the ISF. At least from the viewpoint of the DCMS, the rather administrative PSL service is sometimes considered a shameful assignment unbecoming of a true warrior.[6]

PSL officers allegedly serve to assist communications between mercenaries and the DCMS High Command, but most mercenaries find that these officers are assigned to keep them on a short leash and remind the mercenaries of the Combine's power over them.[7]

PSL officers have a wide range of powers for their role. In the past, they have[8]:

  • Interfered with or expedited supply deliveries from the Department of Procurement
  • Overcharged or shortchanged mercenary units for supplies
  • Inspected any new supplies the mercenary unit received
  • Forced mercenaries off the battlefield, preventing combat search and rescue operations


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