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Welcome to the Ground Units WikiProject. This is a group dedicated to improving BattleTechWiki's coverage of ground units. Feel free to join in by adding your name to the group, grabbing an article to complete or weighing in on the discussion.

  • Catalogue every ground unit used in BattleTech that is not a BattleMech
    • Classic BattleTech [underway]
    • MechWarrior: Dark Age [awaiting action]
    • Computer/Video Game Systems [awaiting action]
  • Categorize the ground units:
    • Tech Base/Faction [underway]
    • Mass (by Weight Categories & specific tonnage) [underway]
    • Motive System [underway]
    • Role on the battlefield [underway]
  • By type:
    • Battle Armor [completed up through Technical Readout: 3075]
    • Combat Vehicles [underway]
    • ProtoMechs [template needs creation]
    • Support Vehicles [template needs creation]


Project:Ground Units is created
All canon battle armor designs have been created


  • CJKeys developed the current format used for BattleMechs. This has been adapted for every other unit type. The current concept for units has that there are five sections:
    • Description : a basic description of the unit
    • Weapons and Equipment: what does it carry and some notes on the same; not to be a simple list, but a narrative
    • Variants : list each type of variant seen, and if not from CBT, indicate so, in italics.
    • References : links to the books or other source material used in any way to contribute to the article (include page numbers)
    • Infobox : created with pre-established fields that need to be filled in with the relevant info
  • One thing to consider is that the articles tend towards to an in-character (IC) role, though there are some obvious out-of-character (OOC) bits included (ex: BV). In the text, if going OOC, use italics.
  • Link everything, at least once. If the term is Star League, link to it. If House Marik is referenced in the text, link to it. Link to other unit types, like DropShips. If the same term is used a lot, especially in the same paragraph, please link only once. But link, even if the linked article does not yet exist: it will someday!
  • Add any date information available for the unit and make sure it has a link associated. This makes updating the timeline and associated year articles much easier.
  • Bold the first instance of the name, as with all articles.
  • Only some unit names are italicized. The names of specific ProtoMechs should always be italicized, while those of vehicles and battle armor are not.
  • In the variants section, list the variant name as appropriate. For example: There is a variant of the Gabriel fielded by the Taurian Defense Force entitled "TDF."
    • TDF - The variant entry looks like this...
  • When adding categories to combat vehicle articles, use the following order: Combat Vehicles, weight class, tonnage, motive type, role, and faction.

Open tasks[edit]

  • Edit for mis-spellings, grammatical and formatting mistakes for current articles.
  • Place the Project Ground Units messagebox (see Tags below) on each article's discussion page.
  • Create needed pages. See New Articles Needed below for some examples.


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Scaletail: adding entries, basic cleanup, not copying things directly from sourcebooks
  2. Haruspex: Making red pages blue :) And adding little details basically, mostly from novels but also from free sources like previews and the like (i'm cheap).
  3. Dmzline: Working on 3025/6 vehicles, letting Scaletail clean up my articles.
  4. Locis: Catching dates and adding to timeline and year articles as appropriate.
  5. The Big Eye: Adding information sifted from the Mechwarrior 4 and MechCommander 2 games, random spelling and grammar checks, and generally making things irritating.
  6. Jherbert2 Finding and adding articles. I link this wiki in my website for descriptions of mechs and vehicles. (see links).
  7. Doneve update BV.
  8. Wrangler - Adding and filling info on articles. Helping where i can.
  9. Bird of Prey: Categorizing vehicles and editing for readability.
  10. BobTheZombie: Grammatical editing, adding finishing touches
  11. ClerkTechBG72: Portal Faction categories - creating wanted pages, checking/adding links for Faction-manufactured vehicles, and listing vehicle manufacturers per Faction. Doing this along side my "Improvement Effort: Manufacturing".
  12. Dark Jaguar: Infantry units - these really need a major overhaul


Collaboration and review[edit]

Note: Editors, please remove the article from the list once you have weighed in. Please add new articles to the list from the bottom.

New Articles Needed
Please add articles that need to be written. Anybody may request an article be written.

Combat Vehicles

Battle Armor


Support Vehicles

New Articles Review
See Template:WikiProject Ground Units for instructions on how to both flag new articles for review, and flag that you have reviewed them.
If you wish to review new articles, a listing may be found in the New articles needing to be reviewed tracking category.

Peer Review
See Template:WikiProject Ground Units for instructions on how to both flag articles for peer review, and flag that you have reviewed them.
If you wish to peer review articles, a listing may be found in the Articles needing to be peer reviewed tracking category.

Team Assessment
Add an article that you would like to see graded by a Project:Ground Units team member [grading system yet to be introduced].

Featured Articles[edit]

Previously Featured[edit]

  • None yet.


  • Also none yet, but we definitely could use some candidates here.



This article is within the scope of the Ground Units WikiProject, a collaborative effort to improve BattleTechWiki's coverage of non-BattleMech ground units. If you would like to participate, you can visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks.


In order to make the BattleTechWiki as accessible as possible, proper categorization is paramount. Since this is Project Ground Units, one of our tasks will be focusing on categorizing ground units.

    • Categorizing units into the more specific aspects (such as weight classes, weights, motive type, combat role, faction, etc.) is currently optional; but feel free to at populate the class (e.g., Category:Light Combat Vehicles) and tonnage (e.g., Category:3 ton ProtoMechs) categories if you have the time.


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