Project Icicle

The Project Icicle was a Dark Age project from the Lyran Commonwealth that tried to improve heat sink functionalities.[1]


The project was lead by Damean Nacht, Chief Science Officer, under Leutnant-General Erich Von Bulow command.

The project had developed some sort of vehicle of unknown type able to help under fire a BattleMech equipped with the technology coming from Project Icicle. The idea was to allow the vehicle to help the BattleMech during battle to better manage its heat problems.

But the first live-fire test of Project Icicle in 3135 was a failure. Leutnant Jaochim Von Heldenberg's Zeus was destroyed during the test against Fenrirs Battlearmor. Under fire, the crew of the support vehicle did not correctly react and the battlemech ended exploding, killing them all.

Damean Nacht thought he could improve the process.[1]


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