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Project Technology
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Welcome to the Technology WikiProject. This is a group dedicated to improving BattleTechWiki's coverage of equipment and technology. Feel free to join in by adding your name to the group, grabbing an article to complete or weighing in on the discussion.

  • Catalog technologies and equipment available in BattleTech
  • Categorize equipment and technology
    • By rules level
    • By units that utilize it (for technology) or can fit it (For equipment)
  • Edit articles for conciseness and readability using.
    • Maintain infoboxes on weapon and equipment pages
  • Clean up manufacturing references on equipment pages Discussion in progress
  • Clean up the general organization of the Technology page and its sub-pages.
  • All pieces of equipment and pieces of technology used in the BattleTech universe.


Project created


  • Clean up categorization of technological items, especially adding "Technology" category tag to pretty much anything that would be considered a discrete technology. The category page Technology is the general umbrella start point.
  • Finish the Jump Jet article tree to establish a standard for other technology types.
  • Tag all weapon equipment and technology pages.
  • generate list of needed articles.
  • Determine how we want to handle equipment brands See talk page


  • Of prime interest to PT is the stuff that goes into making other units. Things like the weapons and components that go into Mech' design along with small equipment such as infantry weapons and personal equipment. While completed designs are of interest to PT, they are secondary, primarily being the end product that the technology gets put into.
  • Link everything, at least once. If the term is Star League, link to it. If House Marik is referenced in the text, link to it. Link to other unit types, like DropShips. If the same term is used a lot, especially in the same paragraph, please link only once. But link, even if the linked article does not yet exist: it will someday!
  • Add any date information and make sure it has a link associated. This makes updating the timeline and associated year articles much easier.

Open tasks[edit]

  • Edit for mis-spellings, grammatical and formatting mistakes for current articles.
  • Place the Project Technology message box (see Tags below) on each article's discussion page.
  • Add InfoBoxes to equipment pages and revise InfoBoxes on weapon pages
  • Create needed pages. See New Articles Needed below for some examples.


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. BirdofPrey: adding entries, cleaning up or rewritting articles as needed
  2. Doneve: Copyeditor and Fact Checker.
  3. L Richardson: Adding entries, writing fluff.
  4. BobTheZombie: Grammatical editing, adding finishing touches
  5. RichLongess: Cataloging weapons and equipment found in all game versions
  6. DragonoftheRust: Minor edits and polishing
  7. AdmiralObvious: Keeping the wiki up to date with new publications where possible, grammar checks, addition of CBT rules where possible.
  8. Archangel13: Minor edits and crosslinking articles.


Collaboration and review[edit]

Note: Editors, please remove the article from the list once you have weighed in. Please add new articles to the list from the bottom.

New Articles Needed
Please add articles that need to be written. Anybody may request an article be written.
New Articles Review
See Template:WikiProject Technology for instructions on how to both flag new articles for review, and flag that you have reviewed them.
If you wish to review new articles, a listing may be found in the New articles needing to be reviewed tracking category.

Peer Review
See Template:WikiProject Technology for instructions on how to both flag articles for peer review, and flag that you have reviewed them.
If you wish to peer review articles, a listing may be found in the Articles needing to be peer reviewed tracking category.

Team Assessment
Add an article that you would like to see graded by a Project:Ground Units team member.

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{{WikiProject Technology}} (please see the template itself for usage documentation) displays this:

This article is within the scope of the Technology WikiProject, a collaborative effort to improve BattleTechWiki's coverage of BattleTech technology and equipment. If you would like to participate, you can visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks.


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