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Promise (short story)

Shrapnel Cover (Issue 7).jpg
Story information
Author Tom Leveen
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 7
Timeline 27 August 2815
Preceded by Breach

Plot summary[edit]

Stacks has lived in Zamarun for a whole year after his crash-landing on Szepes. Over the year, he organized the town's defenses and grew close to Reeta, a budding romantic relationship.

On 27 August 2815, a friend and former colleague from the Fifth Lyran Regulars, Luca, arrives in town searching for Stacks. Having a bounty on her head for killing a Free Worlds League noble, she asks Stacks to turn her in and send the reward to her nephew Jaquez, in need of funds for vital medical treatments. Stacks agrees, promises Reeta that he will come back alive, and sets off for the nearby town of Phenki, his battered Guillotine escorting Luca. On the way, Stacks fends off a team of bounty hunters, his 'Mech finally breaking down in the process.

In Phenki, Stacks hands Luca off to League authorities as planned, promising her that he will enjoy his time in Zamarun. Reward in hand, he heads for the town's ComStar temple, ready to send the full payment on the next HPG packet to pay for Jaquez's treatments.

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