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Battle of Promised Land (2395)

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Promised Land Assault
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 2395
Planet Promised Land
Result Lyran Commonwealth disaster, Marik decisive victory
Lyran Commonwealth Free Worlds League
Commanders and leaders
Social Generals selected by Archon Robert Marsden Unknown
Forces involved
Not detailed, but losses included ten LCAF regiments Unknown

Launched in 2395, the so-called Promised Land Assault was a disastrous invasion of the Marik-owned world of Promised Land by Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, the catastrophe directly leading to the death of Archon Robert Marsden.


After Robert Marsden succeeded in crushing any dissent to his seizure of control over the Lyran Commonwealth, his extensive economic programs revitalized the nation and started the nation on the path to its reputation as an economic powerhouse. The booming economy also allowed an expansion of Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, quickly becoming one of the best supplied and equipped militaries in the Inner Sphere.

The expansion of the military was fueled with recruitment from worlds avidly supporting Marsden and the Commonwealth, with those soldiers who aided Marsden's violent invasions to force Tamar and Skye to join his revised Commonwealth, becoming its highest-ranking officers. While breeding intense loyalty to Marsden and the Commonwealth as a whole, gorged on a seemingly never-ending increase in spending, the soon to be called Social Generals were supremely overconfident in their abilities and their troops.

After Marsden casually commented that he would not mind drinking a glass of champagne from the world of Promised Land, his generals ever eager to please, believed that it was entirely possible and chose to launch an invasion force to take the Free Worlds League-owned world for the Archon. By the time Marsden learned of the operation, it was too late, with ten LCAF regiments, including two elite ranked Jump Infantry and Armored Vehicle regiments, wiped out.[1]

Instead of blaming their own impetuosity, the LCAF high command directed blame towards Marsden for "ordering" the disaster. Three weeks after news of the massacre on Promised Land broke, Archon Robert Marsden was found dead in his bedchambers. While official records indicate Marsden died of a massive coronary, many believe the military had a hand in ensuring his "removal".


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