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Nelson Geist led the Kell Hounds to the base of the Corsairs. The Kell Hounds and Wolf Khan are surprised to learn that the Thirty-first Wolf Solahma Cluster is in league with the Corsairs.  +
The Corsairs were lured to Arc-Royal expecting only minimal defenses, but instead encountered a hidden combined force of Kell Hound and Wolf warriors.  +
Fourth raid by the Corsairs. The Corsairs easily escaped with minimal damage thanks to the 31st Wolf Cluster who challenged and fought the other defenders for a position on the battlefield.  +
Second Raid by the Corsairs  +
the 31st Wolf Solahma Cluster caught up to the Corsairs in the Yeguas system. They challenged the Corsairs to combat and the Corsairs accepted.  +
The Kell Hounds and Clan Wolf used intelligence previously gained to lay an ambush in the asteroid belt of Zanderij  +
The third world targeted by the Corsairs. The Planetary Militia nearly destroyed themselves attempting to delay the raiders long enough for reinforcements to arrive.  +
The Corsairs are ambushed by a Kell Hound/Wolf Naval force  +
The mysterious pirate band known as the Corsairs, led by the Red Corsair, attack the planet  +