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Arc-Royal +Kell Hounds/Wolf Victory. The Corsairs were destroyed as a raiding unit and only a few 'Mechs along with the Red Corsair managed to escape.  +
Deia +Corsair Victory, Militia and Zimmer's Zouaves heavily damaged both by the Corsairs and the newly arrived Wolf Cluster  +
Elissa +Kell Hound victory, the Red Corsair is killed by Nelson Geist though he dies in the attack.  +
Great X +The Corsairs detected one of the Wolf ships before the ambush could be sprung and were able to escape with no losses.  +
Kooken's Pleasure Pit +Corsair victory and Nelson Geist taken prisoner  +
Pasig +Corsair victory  +
Yeguas +Corsair victory. The Corsairs gave the Wolves only a short time to meet them in battle. In order to get to reach the Corsairs on time, the Wolves forced themselves to endure 2g's of constant acceleration. They were exhausted and sloppy and were easily defeated.  +
Zanderij +Decisive Kell Hound/Wolf victory. The Corsairs lost one Overlord dropship and Nelson Geist was rescued.  +
Zhongshan +Corsair victory and Militia destroyed, Red Corsair injured, the Corsairs barely managed to escape being attacked by the 31st Wolf Solahma Cluster  +