Property talk:Extinction Era


I think this property claims a knowledge that we simply don't have, and is somewhere between misleading and outright wrong. It is impossible to determine when (or even if) every last sample of a given 'Mech design was destroyed, and even then the design specifications continue to exist, and might be re-built into a 'Mech by hand or from cannibalized parts on worlds like Solaris VII. Similarly, how do you determine when a design has become "very rare" enough to be considered near-extinct, even if we had a definition of near-extinct (which we don't)? To sum it up, this is more opinion than fact and I positively think it needs to go. Btw, the MUL team has consciously avoided the topic as far as I know, for very much the same reasons. Frabby 00:14, 16 February 2012 (PST)