Proserpina Hussars

Insignia of the Proserpina Hussars
Proserpina Hussars
Formed By 3151 (rebuilt)[1]
Disbanded Between 3079[2] and 3085[3]
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

One of the oldest Combine units, the Proserpina Hussars are legendary for their hit and run attacks. The unit also has a close relationship with the University of Proserpina, with a large number of officers alumni of that center of learning.


The Proserpina Hussars are the elite among the Free-Floating Regiments in the Draconis Combine and their ability to launch hit and-run attacks is legendary.[4]

Though the origin of the Hussars has long been lost, the first mention of them marks them as a tank division that fought for Shiro Kurita even before the Draconis Combine existed.[4]

Since that time, their excellent abilities have always earned preferential treatment. For all their years, the Proserpina Hussars have been linked to the University of Proserpina. In the past, the elite graduates from that university would automatically enter the Hussars. As the Succession Wars years waned, the university (as well as the whole planet Proserpina) has suffered much from recent fighting, and its relations with the unit have dwindled.[4]

The Hussars were disbanded at the end of the Jihad, their last members folded into the Pesht Regulars[5]

The unit had been reestablished by 3151. A full company of yakuza MechWarriors joined the re-formed regiment after it was deemed the Ghost Regiments already had sufficient numbers.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Proserpina Hussars


Different per Unit.

Proserpina Hussars Details[edit]

The emblem of the Hussars was created in 2798 when Tai-sa Imohu wanted the unit's hit-and-run tactics to resemble that of "a pack of ravenous blood limpets".[7][4] The Proserpina Hussars have a single paint scheme for their 'Mechs: Blue, green, and silver are their colors.[4]

The commander of the Proserpina Hussars has the right to test the abilities of any MechWarrior sent to his unit. This test concentrates on the warrior's ability to fight and react in a highly mobile combat situation. In those cases that the applicant does not measure up to the commander's standards, he will be sent to a lesser regiment. The unit has no other requirement other than the ability to fight fast and well. As a group, the Proserpina Hussars tend to scoff at the importance laid upon politics and questions of right or wrong.[4]

The Proserpina Hussars get along quite well with the Procurement Department. In 3025, their reputation and achievements easily overshadow any prejudice against their free-floating status. Like all free-floaters, the Hussars did suffer from having their supplies sent almost anyplace except where the unit happens to be.[4]

In the wake of the Jihad as the DCMS rebuilt from the losses taken, the Proserpina Hussars found themselves falling somewhere between the second and third tier of units when it came to replacements and supplies. Because of the smaller size of the Hussars' brigade compared to the Regulars, the Hussars found themselves a lower priority for rebuilding than the Regulars, but were accorded considerably more support than the Ghost Regiments or the Legions of Vega.[8]

Ultimately, the unit's fortunes changed, and rather than rebuild the brigade, the last remaining unit was redesignated.[5]

Units of the Proserpina Hussars[edit]


  • The 1st Hussars was destroyed and struck from DCMS roster for supporting the Kokuryu-kai during the Jihad.
  • The 3rd Hussars was redesignated and reorganized as the 3rd Pesht Regulars.
  • The 4th Hussars was destroyed.
  • The 7th Hussars was destroyed during the First Succession War.[10][9]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]


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