Protectorate Arms Conglomerate

Protectorate Arms Conglomerate
Corporation Profile
Previous Name(s) Protectorate Defense Conglomerate
Headquarters: Diik
Leadership: CEO
Products: Aerospace fighters
battle armor


The Protectorate Defense Conglomerate (also trading as the Protectorate Arms Conglomerate)[1] began as the Concordat Defense Conglomerate. When the Calderon Protectorate was created, the company changed its name to reflect its place in the new nation. It began production of the Star Dagger in 3077 as a means of generating capital for further expansion efforts.[2]

During the Jihad the planet suffered no personnel losses, and was operating at full capacity.[3] The PDC facility on Diik continued to produce small quantities of BattleMechs throughout the Dark Age, supplementing the larger output of 'Mechs from the newer Protectorate Military Industries plant located on Erod's Escape and the BattleMech manufacturing facility on Tyrrhenia.[4] The company traded as both the Protectorate Arms Conglomerate and Protectorate Defense Conglomerate, but during the Dark Age the company was most commonly known as the Protectorate Arms Conglomerate.[4][5]


Protectorate Arms Conglomerate has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Diik:[2][6]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Spectre[6] Light battle armor
TR-A-1 Toro[3] Light BattleMech (Primitive)
Aerospace Fighter
S-2 Star Dagger[2] Light aerospace fighter


  • There is some confusion over the correct naming convention for this company, with both names being used in Objectives: Periphery, whilst Protectorate Defense Conglomerate is used in Experimental Technical Readout: RetroTech and Protectorate Arms Conglomerate is used in Field Manual: 3145 and Technical Readout: 3145 Mercenaries. An Ask the Writers question was asked to clarify if the two names related to two different companies, the same company trading under two different names, or was possibly a mistake. The official response indicated that the difference was likely a mistake, but that the in-universe explanation was that they were the same company trading under two different names for various undefined reasons:[5]
Simple Answer: Hmm...

Less Simple Answer: Damned if I know. Wink.gif

More Complex Answer: This was probably confusion between authors (myself included). The easiest explanation (and the one that would mean all previous information is valid) is that these are the same company, but it uses two separate names depending on if the product is meant for export or local planetary use, or for just about any corporate shenanigans you want to think of. The primary name would be the one used in the most recent publication.

Sorry for the confusion!
Aaron "Gravedigger" Pollyea

This ruling was further endorsed by the BattleTech Developer, Adrian Gideon.


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