Protectorate Military Industries

Protectorate Military Industries
Company Information
Previous Name(s) Protectorate Military Industries
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Belle Isle
Erod's Escape
Primary Products Armor


Protectorate Military Industries (PMI) was established in the thirty-second century by the Calderon Protectorate with the assistance of the Federated Suns and Republic of the Sphere[1] with engineers from both overseeing the construction of the first plant on Erod's Escape.[2] The supervising engineers were there to ensure that the war matériel manufactured was produced in limited quantities and in a responsible manner; the same two nations supervised the construction of a second facility on Tyrrhenia, which was still operating at least as late as 3145.[1][3]

By the mid-thirty-second century the PMI facility on Erod's Escape was responsible for producing most of the armor in use with the Calderon Protectorate's military forces, although BattleMech production was limited primarily to a small number of designs. A notable success, PMI went on to open a satellite facility - this time funded entirely with Calderon Protectorate funding - on Belle Isle. This new facility specialized in the production of materials used in constructing advanced units and was up and running in 3142, with the lines expanding on 3144 to begin producing extralight fusion engines.[2]


Protectorate Defense Conglomerate has a manufacturing center on the following planets:

Belle Isle[edit]

The Belle Isle facility opened in 3142.[2]

Components produced on Erod's Escape:[2]
Component Type
Construction Components
Endo Steel (from 3142)[2]
ferro-fibrous armor (from 3142)[2]
Extralight fusion engine (from 3144)[2]

Erod's Escape[edit]

The Erod's Escape facility primarily manufactured just three different designs of BattleMech, but was known to be manufacturing other models in small quantities.[2]

Components produced on Erod's Escape:[2]
Component Type
Locust[2] Light BattleMech
Commando[2] Light BattleMech
Legionnaire[2] Medium BattleMech


The plant on Tyrrhenia was known to be producing BattleMechs.[2]


It was confirmed by one of the writers that the plant opened on Tyrrhenia in the thirty-second century was a PMI facility, and was still in operation in 3145:[3]

Yes, it was intended to be another PMI facility. It also should still be functioning.

Aaron "Gravedigger" Pollyea

  — Aaron "Gravedigger" Pollyea, BattleTech Writer, 10 Mar 2014


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