Provisional Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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Provisional Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3060)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Clan Smoke Jaguar Touman
Formed 3059
Disbanded 3060


The Provisional Galaxy was an ad-hoc military formation of Clan Smoke Jaguar that was formed from survivors of Operation Bulldog under the command of Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta.


The Galaxy was formed around a core of the former Delta Galaxy that included warriors of the Third Jaguar Cavaliers and the Nineteenth Striker Cluster.[1] These were supplemented by warriors from other Galaxies which had joined the retreating force in 3059 that included the Second Jaguar Guards and the 267th Battle Cluster from Beta Galaxy,[2] the 6th Striker Cluster from Epsilon Galaxy[3] and the Seventeenth Garrison Cluster and the 143rd Garrison Cluster from Kappa and Nu Galaxies respectively.[2] Paul Moon noted that his own cluster, Alpha, was formed from warriors drawn from six former front line units.[4] Inner Sphere intelligence placed elements of at least five Galaxies with in its composition.[5]

Hang Mehta the Galaxy's commander
Hang Mehta was the commander of the disastrous Smoke Jaguar Counter Attack during Operation Bulldog. It is therefore likely, although not specified, that other Clusters that took part in this mission may also have retreated with her. This would include the elements of the 2nd Jaguar Regulars and the 27th Garrison Cluster.[6] Also the Seventeenth Garrison Cluster had first retreated to Coudoux before joining Mehta's force. The 8th Garrison Cluster from Psi Galaxy may also have formed part of the Provisional Galaxy as they were known to have been on Coudoux with the Seventeenth and to have retreated with them almost fully intact.[7]

During a recharging stop at an uninhabited star system on the Exodus Road, Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta called for a series of Trials of Position to appoint commanders for the forming Galaxy.[8]

Assault on Lootera[edit]

Star Colonel Paul Moon was given command of the counter-invasion of Huntress on the 19th March 3060.[8] On the 26th March Moon's DropShip entered the plant's atmosphere heading for Lootera and were engaged by aerospace elements of the Eridani Light Horse with the loss of at least one Broadsword-class DropShip. [9] As his own ship descended Paul Moon issued a challenge to Ariana Winston the commander of the Inner Sphere troops in Lootera to meet him on the plains west of the city.[10] With this single arrogant act Moon had thrown away his advantage, he had chosen the battlefield, but had allowed the defenders to know his landing ground and time to prepare their positions.

Moon considered many of his warriors too inexperienced for a combat drop and cursed the speed at which they disembarked and formed for the attack, although this had given his reconnaissance force some time to gather information on the spheroid troop deployment. At the start of the assault Moon had only 96 BattleMechs available,[4] these were from his own Alpha Cluster and from Bravo Cluster, which he led in a frontal assault with Alpha as the spearhead unit. The Clusters were met first by artillery firing smoke and electronic jamming pods, quickly followed by conventional munitions. As the shells started to take their toll Moon ordered a full charge at the enemy positions. The barrage continued until it was dangerously close to the Inner Sphere lines. As Alpha Cluster hit the Eridani position the fighting quickly dissolved into a furious melee with little regard for rules of engagement.[11] As Bravo Cluster approach in the second wave it was hit in the flank by the Eridani 71st Light Horse Regiment, although Alpha had succeeded in breaching the Inner Sphere line. The flank attack was too much for the Jaguars, with Paul Moon incapacitated they retreated.[12]

In the early hours of 27th March Hang Mehta launched an attack against the Lootera Spaceport with at least two Clusters, the defending ComGuards estimated the force to be roughly 100 BattleMechs.[13] The assault by Charlie Cluster[14] was too much and the defenders were pushed back to the edge of Lootera, here they dug in again as their pursuers attacked again. As the Jaguars pressed the ComGuards they were hit in the left flank by elements of the Dark Horses, which shattered their formation and forced them to retreat to the north.[15]

Meanwhile a Trinary of light and fast medium OmniMechs was dispatched towards Mount Sazbo. As they advanced they came under attack by the remnants of the St Ives Lancers, their 24 BattleMechs and conventional infantry stopped the Jaguars cold. At this point the retreating Jaguar Clusters from the main assault quite by accident slammed into the Lancer's flank, who broke and ran. The chaotic retreat of the Lancers triggered a general rout of the Inner Sphere forces. The ComGuards attempted a fighting withdrawal but were soon forced with the Eridani Light Horse to run. With the Capital City back in her hands Hang Mehta called off the pursuit for the time being.[16]

Pursuit of the Northern Army[edit]

That night Mehta again tried a night assault against the rally point of the Inner Sphere forces north west of the city, this didn't go so well and she ordered a retreat back towards Lootera. Unknown to Mehta one of her warriors had almost killed the opposing commander, Ariana Winston during the fight.[17]

The Galaxy was joined by ilKhan Lincoln Osis and the The Jaguar's Den Keshik. Reconnaissance elements of the Eridani Light Horse identified their bivouac area and made a night attack on the 28th March. The force encamped at the time was estimated at 150 BattleMechs and 100 Elementals. The night fighting was fierce but brief and the Inner Sphere troops faded as quickly as they had appeared.[18]

On the 29th March several Stars of reconnaissance 'Mechs were sent to hunt for the retreating Inner Sphere northern army as they pulled back into the Jaguar's Fangs mountains.[19] These were soon located and attacked in force, almost catching them off guard.[20] It was another Pyrrhic victory for Mehta, her forces forced the Inner Sphere troops to retreat with heavy losses, but could not sustain the attack and were forced back. Mehta petitioned the ilKhan for more troops, but was told there were none.[21]

The Clusters under Hang Mehta made another push later in the day of the 29th March. They came under heavy artillery bombardment from Arrow IV homing missiles, but managed to take out the spotters. At least two Trinaries of 'Mechs and Elementals advanced on the command position of the Eridani Light Horse.[22] The northern army continued to pull back. In an attempt to halt the Galaxy's advance they had booby-trapped a bridge over a chasm, the Jaguars detonated the bridge and found a route to by-pass it.[23] Two Binaries were sent on a flanking attack as the main force led by Star Captain Devlin hit the rear guard. Hang Mehta led a third force, a mixed Trinary of OmniMechs and Elementals in a flanking maneuver aimed at the enemy's lightly protect rear units. Her attack succeeded in capturing a large quantity of supplies and Bondsmen.[24]

The Inner Sphere forces retreated to a defile in the mountains that they hastily fortified. Mehta ordered her forced to break the line, in wave after wave they attacked. The defile became a meat-grinder and a Jaguar warrior was able to kill the opposing commanding officer, General Ariana Winston, before the Galaxy's assault faltered. [25]

The battle for Huntress lasted a further ten days, but after the arrival of Inner Sphere reinforcements it was a one sided defensive action. The Remnant of the Provisional Galaxy fell back to Lootera, here the fighting destroyed large swaths of the city.[26] The majority of the warriors that had survived this far chose to fight to the death, Mehta chose the rite of Bondsref and with her died the Provisional Galaxy.[27]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Provisional Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta 3060[28][29]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]


  • Galaxy Command Star [28]
  • Alpha Cluster - rated Elite [29]
3 BattleMech Trianaries, 1 Elemental Trinary and 1 Fighter Trinary[30]
  • Bravo Cluster - rated Veteran [29]
4 BattleMech Trinaries[30]
  • Charlie Cluster - rated Veteran [29]
3 BattleMech Trianaries, 1 Elemental Trinary and 1 Fighter Binary[30]
  • Delta Cluster - rated Veteran [29]
4 BattleMech Trinaries[30]
  • Echo Cluster - rated Veteran [29]
5 BattleMech Trianaries and 1 Elemental Trinary[30]


BattleMechs carried the insignia of their former units and had not been repainted during the retreat.[3]


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