PseudoTech: Arcade Operations: UrbanFest

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PseudoTech: Arcade Operations: UrbanFest
Product information
Type Sourcebook/Rulebook
(Novelty Product)
Development Herb A. Beas II
Primary writing Herb A. Beas II
Pages 24
Illustrations (New) Art
Herbert A. Beas II,
Eldon Cowgur,
David Allen Kerber
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35HLW22
First published December 16th 2022
MSRP $1.99
Era Dark Age
Timeline 3150
Series April Fools releases; PseudoTech
Preceded by PseudoTech: Arcade Operations


PseudoTech: Arcade Operations: UrbanFest is an expansion of the original April Fools PseudoTech: Arcade Operations adding additional rules, scenarios, and record sheets themed around the UrbanMech.

The PDF version of this book has no index page.

Official Product Description[edit]

Thank you for purchasing our latest expansion pack for the award-winning Arcade Operations system: UrbanFest! As you wait for your system to install this new, exciting, downloadable content, please take a few moments to review our updated Terms of Service… [Click!] Are you sure you want to skip the ToS? [Click!] Are you really sure you want to skip— [Click!Click!Click!] Okay, if you insist…but don’t say we didn’t give you a chance… Welcome back to the combat-enhancing extravaganza of madness that is PseudoTech: Arcade Operations! And prepare yourselves for a real treat with this, our first (and only?) expansion to the game catalog meant to spice up your BattleTech games in a variety of new (and, frankly, ridiculous) ways: UrbanFest! Feel the power and excitement that can only come from thirty tons of slow-moving metal, and limited firepower! Thrill to the tales of heroism and adventure that only the most unassuming of BattleMechs can deliver. Anyone can be a champion in a Marauder or a Turkina! But if you really want to know the meaning of challenge, try to forge a glorious career from the cockpit of the infamous UrbanMech! UrbanFest! expands on the playability of the sim-game rules first introduced in PseudoTech: Arcade Operations, with new features ranging from the amazing Urbify! power-up, to all new medal-worthy achievements, and a host of new scenario types with which to earn them! Even better yet, this expansion introduces new UrbanMech variants and never-before-seen technologies bound to raise an eyebrow or two both on and off the arena circuit! So, park your favorite standby in the garage, don your neurohelmet, and climb into the giant trashcan-’Mech of your choice; it’s time to show the Inner Sphere that size (and speed, and firepower, and armor, and fully actuated arms) isn’t everything!


  • Introduction / Credits
  • How to use this Book / Power Ups
    • New Power-Ups - page 2
    • New Achievements - page 4
  • Arcade Scenarios - page 6
    • Scenario Type: UrbanBall!
    • Scenario Type: A Fistful of Urbies
      Special Scenario Rules
    • Scenario Type: The Great UrbanMech Uprising Rodeo!!
  • UrbanTech - page 16
    • Chain Drape (Weapon)
    • Condor HoverBall (Combat Vehicle)
    • UM-S60 UrbanMaster
    • UM-DKX UrbanKnight
  • Record Sheets


As with its is associated with previous April Fools product, this PDF is explicitly considered noncanonical. The book also serves as a fun rulebook with content intended for non-serious but fun tabletop BattleTech gameplay, with theme of past video games.