Psi Galaxy (Clan Stone Lion)

Psi Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3088)
Parent Formation Clan Stone Lion Touman
Formed c.3080


Psi Galaxy was created by Clan Stone Lion during the Wars of Reaving with two clusters originally from Zeta Galaxy.[1]

In 3083 Psi Galaxy was bid against Clan Blood Spirit in an attempt to capture several holdings on Haven and managed to capture several mining and agricultural enclaves as well as two ProtoMech factories. The battered remains of two clusters, led by Loremaster Ravenwater, repulsed the Spirit counter attack.[2]

In 3087 saKhan Houan led elements of Psi Galaxy in a major Trial of Possession on Dagda against Clan Star Adder gaining an enclave on that world.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Psi Galaxy
saKhan Emilio Houan Since formation - 3088



Composition History[edit]



Opting to completely sever ties from their Horses past, Psi Galaxy authorized a completely new paint scheme for their equipment a stone pattern appropriate to their operating environment. Yellow-brown trim accents their machines.


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