Pump-Action Shotgun


The Pump-Action Shotgun is among the most common type of shotgun in use by civilians, police and military personnel. It contains an internal magazine which chambers the weapon by pumping back and forth the handgrip in order to fire a shell containing pellets or flechettes. Police typically use a solid slug instead of shells for use in blasting through barriers, increasing the weapon's penetrating power while the greater recoil affects its ability to hit targets at range.[1]

The stock and a portion of the barrel can be removed from a pump-action shotgun in order to shave off a kilogram of weight. These "sawed-off" shotguns suffer from greater inaccuracy and have half as much range as unaltered models.[1]



Item: Pump-Action Shotgun[2]
Equipment Rating: B/A/B
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 1/6d6
Range: 4/10/20/45 meters
Shots: 6
Cost/Reload: 40/1
Affiliation: —
Weight: 4kg
Notes: Splash


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