QUA-51T Quasit MilitiaMech
Production information
Manufacturer Concordat Telecom and TransStellar[1]
Use Planetary Militia, SecurityMech
Production Year 2517[2]
Model QUA-51T[1]
Equipment Rating D/C-E-D/E[1]
Class Medium
Introduced 2517
Cost 3,162,015[3]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 45 tons
Chassis Sherman 958
Armor Lexington Limited Heavy Industrial[1]
Engine VOX 225[1]
Communications System OWT&T Kathy 3[1]
Targeting Tracking System OWT&T Dirk 2[1]
Heat Sinks 10[1]
Speed 86[1] km/h

1x LRM-5[1]
1x SRM-4[1]
1x Medium Laser[1]
1x Machine Gun [1]
Environmental Sealing[1]
Advance Fire Control[1]

BV (2.0) 761[1], 627[2]


In 2517 while BattleMechs were still a mystery in the Periphery, Concordat Telecom and the TransStellar company created the Quasit. The Quasit is an IndustrialMech armed with military grade weaponry. Initially, the design was sold to unsuspecting settlements in the Periphery as a BattleMech. Once the new owners had the Quasit face a proper BattleMech, the truth was revealed by its limitations. After a brief setback, once the CTT decided to sell it as a MilitiaMech to support militia troops, the design worked well.[1]

The design survived into modern times because of its cost, though its popularity diminished greatly as BattleMechs became more accessible.[1]

The design is noted for its cockpit being too small for an ejection seat. However, its environmental sealing allows for access to all the places a regular BattleMech can go.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Quasit's main long range weapon is its 5-Tube Long-Range Missile launcher, mounted in center torso. Its close range weapons are a 4-Tube Short-Range Missile launcher mounted on left hand actuator and a Medium Laser in the right hand Actuator. For handling infantry, the 'Mech has a Machine Gun mounted in its right torso. Ammunition for the design is found in its left torso, with one ton per missile type and a half ton for its Machine Gun.[1]


  • QUA-51M 
    Introduced in 3073[4], this Jihad era variant of the Quasit drops the LRM and SRM launchers and replaces them with a single MML-5. Two tons of ammunition allow the pilot to carry LRMs and SRMs, so this isn't much of a drop in firepower. The weight savings allows the Quasit to carry an extra Medium Laser. BV (2.0) = 636[5][4]
  • QUA-51P 
    This 3074[6] variant introduced of the Quasit removes all the standard weaponry except the Machine Gun. It carries a Plasma Rifle with a ton of ammunition instead. Though this weapon can inflict massive damage on an opponent, the lack of ammunition means a pilot will have to make each shot count. BV (2.0) = 779[7][6]


  • Errata: Record Sheets: 3075 & the Unabridged version have different battle values for the Quasit. This is due in part to a miscalculation of the Quasit's cockpit for all three variants. The cockpit was accidentally calculated as being a full military cockpit instead of the commercial industrial cockpit with Advance Fire Control. Master Unit Listing for all three Quasit variants include this correction.[8]



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