Production information
Manufacturer Concordat Telecom and TransStellar
Use Planetary Militia


Production Year 2517[1]
Model QUA-51T
Equipment Rating D/C-E-D/E
Class Medium
Introduced 2517
Cost 3,162,015 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
'Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 45 tons
Chassis Sherman 958
Armor Lexington Limited Heavy Industrial
Engine VOX 225
Communications System OWT&T Kathy 3
Targeting Tracking System OWT&T Dirk 2
Heat Sinks 10 single
Speed 86.4 km/h
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 761[3], 627[1]


In 2517, while BattleMechs were still a mystery in the Periphery, Concordat Telecom and the TransStellar Company created the Quasit, an IndustrialMech armed with military-grade weaponry. Initially, the design was sold to unsuspecting settlements in the Periphery as a BattleMech, but once the new owners had the Quasit face a proper BattleMech, the truth was revealed by its limitations. After a brief setback, once the CTT decided to sell it as a MilitiaMech to support militia troops, the design worked well in this role.[3]

The design survived into modern times because of its cost, though its popularity diminished greatly as BattleMechs became more accessible.[3]

The design is noted for its cockpit being too small for an ejection seat. However, its environmental sealing allows for access to all the places a regular BattleMech can go.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Quasit's main long range weapon is its LRM-5 launcher, mounted in the center torso. Its close range weapons are an SRM-4 launcher mounted on left hand actuator and a medium laser in the right hand actuator. For handling infantry, the 'Mech has a machine gun mounted in its right torso. Ammunition for the design is found in its left torso, with one ton per missile type and a half ton for its machine gun.[3] Seven and a half tons of Lexington Limited Heavy Industrial armor provides a surprisingly strong defense for the MilitiaMech. [3]


  • QUA-51M 
    Introduced in 3073[4], this Jihad era variant of the Quasit drops the LRM-5 and SRM-4 launchers and replaces them with a single MML-5. Two tons of ammunition allow the pilot to carry LRMs and SRMs, so this isn't much of a drop in firepower. The weight savings allows the Quasit to carry an extra medium laser. BV (2.0) = 636[5][4]
  • QUA-51P 
    This 3074[6] variant of the Quasit removes all the standard weaponry except the machine gun. Instead, it carries a plasma rifle with a ton of ammunition instead. Though this weapon can inflict massive damage on an opponent, the lack of ammunition means a pilot will have to make each shot count. BV (2.0) = 779[7][6]


  • Errata: Record Sheets: 3075 & the Unabridged version have different battle values for the Quasit. This is due in part to a miscalculation of the Quasit's cockpit for all three variants. The cockpit was accidentally calculated as being a full military cockpit instead of the commercial industrial cockpit with advanced fire control. The Master Unit Listing for all three Quasit variants include this correction.[8]



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