Quick-Strike: Technical Readout: 3060 Unit Cards

Quick-Strike: Technical Readout: 3060 Unit Cards
Product information
Type Unit Cards
Cover artwork Alex Iglesias
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT 35QS001
First published 2010
Era Succession Wars era
Clan Invasion era


Quick-Strike: Technical Readout: 3060 Unit Cards is a component product used in the Quick Strike Rules system. These Unit Cards contain unit information and stats for use in both Quick Strike game system and revised version of BattleForce which were both published Strategic Operations rules book. Equipment found in this product originated from Technical Readout: 3060.

From the back cover[edit]

Tools for the Quick-Strike Commander

The year is 3060, and mankind is at war. At the pinnacle of military technology is an avatar of armor and weapons: the BattleMech. On the battlefields of a thousand worlds, the warlords who reign supreme fight to reclaim the mantle of the fallen Star League in the name of their House and their honor.

Quick-Strike: Technical Readout: 3060 Unit Cards provides players with the means to create easy-to-handle-and-store data cards featuring all the vehicles, BattleMechs and fighter designs from Technical Readout: 3060. Each card includes the ’Mech’s image, manufacturing data, and gameplay stats for use in BattleTech miniature wargames using the Quick-Strike Rules set found in Strategic Operations, or can be used as reference cards for games using the BattleForce rules set found in the same core rulebook.



The cover of Quick-Strike:TRO 3060 Unit Cards utilizes the Re-Printed cover of the Technical Readout: 3060.