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Quickscell Company
Company Information
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Ares
Broken Wheel
Primary Products Vehicles


The Quickscell Company (also known as Quicksell Company and Quikscell Company) is a military goods manufacturer with branches across the Inner Sphere. Though known throughout the Sphere, their products are notorious for being of low quality. In fact the AFFS doesn't accept Quickscell products into service until a team of technicians have inspected every vehicle. If repairs need to be made, they are made immediately and the AFFS charges the time to Quickscell.[1]


At the time of the Clan Invasion, the Quikscell plant on Pandora was in the firing line, as was the Red Devil Industries plant on the same world. While the Red Devil plant was lost to the Clan Jade Falcon forces that attacked Pandora, Quikscell had already used funding from the Federated Commonwealth to relocate one of their manufacturing lines to Richvale and had recently acquired the rights to produce a number of Red Devil vehicles. One of those vehicles was the Condor, which Quikscell began producing from Richvale. In the wake of the FedCom Civil War, Quikscell targeted local militia units and desperate regular units as customers for their new, upgraded version of the Condor, counting on the need for equipment dominating over the poor reputation earned by most Quikscell products.[2]

The aggressive marketing campaign for the new Condor was hugely successful, with orders dramatically outstripping the production output available from the Richvale plant by 3075 as units such as the 4th Skye Rangers and 6th Lyran Guards buying large quantities of the new tank. In addition to commissioning an extra production line at Richvale, company executive Burton Richards had the novel idea of shipping vehicles out to customers as unassembled component kits, sold at a slight discount, which could then be assembled by the tech staff at the receiving unit. This idea proved successful, although not without breeding reliability problems for a number of units. With the Jihad escalating the level of conflict throughout the Inner Sphere the demand for these vehicles increased continually, with the Condor seeing action on worlds like Skye and Coventry against the Word of Blake and with units as far afield as the Duchy of Andurien, Regulan Principality and Duchy of Orloff purchasing the Condor.[2] Quikscell further expanded their Richvale plant by acquiring a license to manufacture the Saxon APC from Cyclops Incorporated.[3]

In response to the Clan Invasion, Quickscell moved their Pandora based facilities to Richvale in the mid-3050s. This move allowed the company to overhaul their equipment and business practices to eliminate waste and inefficiency.[4]

During the long Jihad the facility on Ares suffered heavy capital and personnel losses of 85%, and the operating capacity of the factory is reduced to 52% of their main production volume in 3079.[5] To bolster their meager military industrial base, the Filtvelt Coalition converted the Quickscell repair facility on Broken Wheel to enable it to produce hovercraft from 3080 onward, although production initially went to local defense concerns before the Filtvelt Citizen's Militia received any equipment.[6] During the Dark Age the Quikscell plant on Broken Wheel expanded well beyond the original production lines for Pegasus Scout Hovertanks, adding production lines for such vehicles as the Manticore main battle tank, LRM and SRM Carriers and Armored Personnel Carriers.[7]


The CEO in 3067 is Josef Kenworth, with Sean Veranov overseeing FWL operations.[8] The Federated Suns branch was overseen by Sean Hai Wong.[1] Operations in the Capellan Confederation were handled by Dieter Brasche, a transfer from the Lyran Commonwealth branch.[9] The company's main office and headquarters are based in the Lyran Commonwealth.[10]


Quikscell Company has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on |Ares:[11][12][13]
Component Type
AC/2 Carrier[12] Tracked Vehicles
Arrow IV Carrier[12] Tracked Vehicles
Bulldog[11][12] Tracked Vehicles
Heavy Tracked APC[12] Tracked Vehicles
LB-2X Carrier [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
LRM Carrier[11][12] Tracked Vehicles
Manticore[11][12] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Nisos Attack WiGE[13] WiGE
Ordnance Transport [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion[11][12] Tracked Vehicles - Light Tank
SRM Carrier[11][12] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC[11][12] Tracked Vehicles
SitiCide 60 APC[11]
SitiCide 100 Scorpion[11]
InterComBust 120 LRM Carrier
InterComBust 180 LRM and SRM Carrier[11]
Bulldog 240 Bulldog[11]
Fusion Engine
Pitban 240 Stinger[citation needed], Manticore[11]
Fusion Engine - XL
Nissan 200 XL Nisos[13]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ProtecTech Light [citation needed]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Hellespont Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Nisos[13]
Communications System
Basix 200 [citation needed]
Communicator [citation needed]
Endicott Type 6G Maser Nisos[13]
LongCom [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dwyerson Mark IV Nisos[13]
FireScan with IndirecTrack [citation needed]
OptiSight-12 [citation needed]
OptiTrack Techniques [citation needed]
Plasma Rifle
Ceres Arms Crusher Nisos[13]
Harpoon-6 Nisos[13]
Machine Gun
Gatling Gun 20mm [citation needed]

Broken Wheel[edit]

Components produced on Broken Wheel:[14]
Component Type
Pegasus[14] Hovercraft
Light Thunderbolt Carrier[14] Wheeled Vehicles
LRM Carrier (post-Jihad)[7] Tracked Vehicles
SRM Carrier (post-Jihad)[7] Tracked Vehicles
Manticore (post-Jihad)[7] Tracked Vehicles


Components produced on Gallery:
Component Type
Heavy Tracked APC [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
LRM Carrier [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Ordnance Transport [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
SRM Carrier [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
SitiCide 60 [citation needed]
SitiCide 100 [citation needed]
InterComBust 180 [citation needed]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ProtecTech Light [citation needed]
Communications System
Basix 200 [citation needed]
Communicator [citation needed]
LongCom [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with IndirecTrack [citation needed]
OptiSight-12 [citation needed]
OptiTrack Techniques [citation needed]
Machine Gun
Gatling Gun 20mm [citation needed]


NOTE: The Kalidasa facility wasn't affected by the Jihad.[15]

Components produced on Kalidasa:[16][17]
Component Type
Heavy Tracked APC[17] Tracked Vehicles
Ordnance Transport [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion[16][17] Tracked Vehicles - Light Tank
Tracked APC[16][17] Tracked Vehicles
Heavy Wheeled APC[17] Wheeled Vehicles
Hetzer[16][17] Wheeled Vehicles
Wheeled APC[16][17] Wheeled Vehicles
Hover APC[16][17] Hovercraft
Leenex 40 ICE Wheeled APC[16]
Leenex 60 ICE Tracked APC[16]
Leenex 80 ICE Hover APC[16]
Leenex 100 ICE Scorpion[16]
Leenex 140 ICE Hetzer[16]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ProtecTech Light Scorpion and APCs[16]
ProtecTech-6 Hetzer[16]
Communications System
Basix 100 APCs[16]
Basix 200 Scorpion and Hetzer[16]
LongCom [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
OptiSight-12 Scorpion and Hetzer[16]
OptiTrack Techniques APCs[16]
Crusher SH Cannon Hetzer[16]
Deleon 5 Scorpion[16]
Crusher SH Cannon Hetzer[16]
Machine Gun
Gatling Gun 20mm Scorpion, APCs[16], and Vedette
LB-X Autocannon
N/A LB 2-X AC [18]
N/A LB 5-X AC[18]
N/A LB 10-X AC[18]
N/A LB 20-X AC[18]


NOTE: During the Jihad the Layover plant lost 55% of its staff and production capability. In 3079 it was only operating at 65% of its nominal maximum output.[19]

Components produced on Layover:[20]
Component Type
Heavy Tracked APC[21] Tracked Vehicles
LRM Carrier[20][21] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion[20][21] Tracked Vehicles - Light Tank
SRM Carrier[20][21] Tracked Vehicles
Autocannon Carrier[21] Tracked Vehicles
Laser Carrier[21] Tracked Vehicles
Arrow IV Carrier[21] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC[21] Tracked Vehicles
Vedette[20][21] Tracked Vehicles - Medium Tank
Hetzer[21] Wheeled Vehicle
SitiCide 60 [citation needed]
InterComBust 100 Scorpion[20]
InterComBust 180 LRM and SRM Carrier[20]
Locom-Pack 250 Vedette[20]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ProtecTech 6 Vedette and Scorpion[20]
ProtecTech Light LRM, SRM Carrier and Scorpion[20]
Communications System
Basix 200 Vedette and Scorpion[20]
Communicator LRM, SRM Carrier and Scorpion[20]
LongCom [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with IndirecTrack LRM, SRM Carrier and Scorpion[20]
OptiSight-12 Vedette and Scorpion[20]
OptiTrack Techniques [citation needed]
Machine Gun
Gatling Gun 20mm Vedette and Scorpion[20]


Components produced on Oliver:[22]
Component Type
Condor Multi-Purpose Tank (Reactive)[22] Tracked Vehicles
LRM Carrier [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
SRM Carrier [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion [citation needed] Tracked Vehicles - Light Tank
InterComBust 120 [citation needed]
InterComBust 180 LRM and SRM Carrier
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Lexington Ltd. High Grade FF [citation needed]
Communications System
Communicator [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with IndirecTrack [citation needed]


In 3054 the Pandora plant is secured by the Pandora College Training Battalion.[23] During the Jihad the plant was only operating at 55% of its maximum output.[24]

Components produced on Pandora:[25][26][23][27][28][29]
Component Type
Skadi Swift Attack VTOL[25] VTOLs
Chalchiuhtotolin Support Tank[26] Wheeled Vehicles - (As of 3085)
Indra Infantry Transport[27] Wheeled Vehicles
LRM Carrier[23] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion[23][27] Tracked Vehicles
Skanda Light Tank[29][30] Tracked Vehicles - (As of 3094)
Sokar Urban Combat Unit[28] Wheeled Vehicles
SRM Carrier[23][27] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC[23][27] Tracked Vehicles
InterComBust 60 APC[23]
InterComBust 100 Scorpion[23]
InterComBust 180 LRM, SRM Carrier[23] & Sokar[28]
Fusion Engine
Gorvachs 230 Chalchiuhtotolin[26]
Fusion Engine - XL
Light Force 160 XL Skadi[25]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ProtechLight Scorpion[23]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound Alpha Ferro Fibrous Sokar[28]
Compound VM22 Ferr Fibrous Skadi[25]
Forging MD4 Ferro Fibrous Chalchiuhtotolin[26]
Communications System
Basix 200 Chalchiuhtotolin[26] & Sokar[28]
K9 CommSys Skadi[25]
Targeting-Tracking System
Hunter (2) Dedicated TTS Skadi[25]
OptiSight 12 Chalchiuhtotolin[26] & Sokar[28]
ProtoMech Autocannon/8
Type P-A Sokar[28]
Ultra AC-10
Type 9 Skadi[25]
AP Gauss Rifle
Tau-II Sokar[28]
Micro Pulse Laser
Series 3c Skadi[25]
Heavy Flamer
Type 18h Sokar[28]


NOTE: During the Jihad the Richvale plant wasn't affected.[31]

Components produced on Richvale:[32]
Component Type
Condor Hover Tank (Upgrade)[2][33] Hovercraft
Ontos Heat[32] Tracked Vehicles
Saxon APC[3][33] Hovercraft
Heavy Tracked APC[33] Tracked Vehicles
LRM Carrier[33] Tracked Vehicles
AC/2 Carrier[33] Tracked Vehicles
Laser Carrier[33] Tracked Vehicles
Scorpion[33] Tracked Vehicles
SRM Carrier[33] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC[33] Tracked Vehicles
Fusion Engine
Pitban 285 Ontos[32]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Lexington Ltd. High Grade Ferro-Fibrous Ontos[32]
Communications System
Irian E.A.R. Ontos[32]
Targeting-Tracking System
Wasat Aggressor Ontos[32]


  • Many military historians of the Thirty-first century believed that subsidiaries of Quickscell had come to own many of the assets belonging to a much older company - Sheinhardt Universal Technologies. SUT had been active in the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth centuries, selling a combat hovercraft named the Asher to the Alliance Global Militia and Hegemony Armed Forces - and, with minor cosmetic variations, to each of the Great Houses. Assembled across numerous worlds by subcontractors working to varying standards of quality, the Ashers were also responsible for the downfall of SUT, when the Terran Hegemony seized SUT for being in breach of Terran law and disbanded the company. SUT's policy of aggressively outsourcing work while paying little attention to the quality of the products produced by their subcontractors was markedly similar to Quickscell's own operating principles.[34]


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