The most common daily staple is Quillar, a bio engineered crop. By far the most considerable crop harvested in the Inner Sphere (especially the Federated Suns), quillar looks like ordinary grain, however, generally twice as large as ordinary Terran corn. Unlike these crops, however, quillar can be flavoured or textured at will, so that you can get whatever fruit, grain or vegetable you want, be it wheat, potatoes, carrots or bananas. Needless to say, it needs on average twice as little land and nutriments than the aforementioned plants, with the side benefit that the dried stalks are nearly as useful, either as food for the cattle or as fertilizer if you leave them rot on the field. Quillar is so popular in the Inner Sphere that you can find it anywhere in your food: in pasta, or the fruity condiment you pour on your meat, even a fruit flavored fizzling soda.[1]


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