Quintus Allard

Quintus Allard
AffiliationHouse Allard
Title(s)Count of Bristol
Position(s)Director of MIIO
SpouseTamara Kearney
ChildrenJustin Xiang Allard
Daniel Allard
Riva Allard

Quintus Allard was a nobleman and Count of Bristol[1] in the early thirty-first century, who served the Federated Suns and later the Federated Commonwealth as the head of intelligence during the reign of Hanse Davion. He was succeeded by his son Justin Allard and retired prior to the Clan Invasion.


He served as ambassador from the Federated Suns in the Capellan world of Sian.[2]

Acting Intelligence Minister for the Federated Suns[edit]

Quintus became acting Minister of Intelligence Investigations and Operation (MIIO) in 3022[3] after his predecessor Count Nicholas Truston was killed in a DropShip accident. Hanse Davion retained him in service as "acting" minister throughout the Fourth Succession War.

His many notable feats during this time include:

  • Creating a cover story after a Liao plot nearly succeeded in replacing Hanse Davion with a near duplicate.[4]
  • Working closely with the Lyran Commonwealth Intelligence Chancellor Landgrave Simon Johnson coordinating intelligence between the two nations after the signing of the new alliance.
  • Keeping tight coordination with spy members during the Fourth Succession War, including the ComStar Interdict over the nation and its intelligence network in other realms.
  • Working to counteract Duke Michael Hasek-Davion's attempts to undermine Hanse Davion's authority and usurping the throne.
  • His tight security measures had been successful from keeping ComStar ROM agents from getting close to Hanse Davion.[5]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

He can tell three lies in the time others need to take one breath.

Katherine Steiner-Davion

During the FedCom Civil War, he was held hostage on New Avalon (officially, he was a guest) to prevent his family from using their political influence to Victor Ian Steiner-Davion's advantage. As he served under her father and was treated as a "guest", Katherine once invited him to a meeting with her military commanders, where he gave a flawless analysis of the current state of the civil war. But as she couldn't trust him, he was dismissed from further meetings.


Quintus Allard was briefly married to a Capellan Confederation noblewoman of the Xiang family from the Capellan world of Warlock. He met her when he served as ambassador to the Capellan world of Sian. The marriage had produced one child, Justin Xiang Allard. They were forced to divorce when Justin was five years old.[2]

He later married Tamara Kearney and had two more children: Daniel and Riva.

His parents were nobility from Kestrel.[6]


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