Quirinus Battle Armor
Production information
Manufacturer StarCorp Industries
Use Trooper
General Combat
Chassis Type Humaniod
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Introduced 3093
Technical specifications
Mass 1,000 kg
Top Speed 10 km/h
Jump Range 90 m

Armor Type Reactive
BV (2.0) 56/256 (David Light Gauss Rifle)
42/216 - (Grenade Launcher)
46/240 - Machine Gun[1][2]


Produced on Terra by StarCorp Industries, the Quirinus is a late thirty-first century Medium battle armor which was originally produced for general sale. Developed as a mainline trooper in the early years of the Republic Era, the Quirinus was sold initially to the fractured Free Worlds League. While not as flashy as many of its contemporaries of its time, the suit is known for its reliability and as a good unit in the field. The battle armor would find its way into hands of mercenary units and elements of the Republic of the Sphere.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The battle armor is designed to be a generalist in the field, which it can handle a number of situations and endure considerable punishment for its weight class. The Quirinus's soldier is protected by 480 kg of Reactive Armor, giving it extra protection from incoming missile and artillery fire. The suit's mobility comes from its Jump Jets, which produce enough thrust to be able to move 90 meters per leap, while its ground speed is only 10 km/h.

Its left arm's Modular Weapon Mount gives the Quirinus's users the ability to choose its main weapon loadout for any given mission. Quirinus was originally introduced in 3093 with two weapon selections, a long-range David Light Gauss Rifle[4] and a flexible Grenade Launcher[5]. In 3138, a Machine Gun[6] mount was added to its typical arsenal of mostly ballistic weaponry. The battle armor's permanent weaponry and equipment includes a Light TAG designator and a vibro version of the Battle Claw for anti-BattleMech physical attacks.[7]


The suit has the following capabilities - Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: Yes/Yes/Yes/No Its Equipment Ratings is F/X-X-F

Battle Values shown in the Infobox lists individual suit and then battle armor squad.

It should be noted: The suit background information from the Technical Readout shows the suit was sold to the former Free Worlds League and Mercenaries with little mention of its service in the Republic Armed Forces. Both the Field Manual: 3145 and Era Report: 3145 Random Assignment Tables only include the battle armor being a typical Republic unit.


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