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Product information
Type RPG scenario
Author Thomas Söldenwagner
Pages 4
Illustrations Hartwig Nieder-Gassel
Publication information
Publisher FanPro (Wunderwelten magazine issue #35)
First published 1997
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline ca. 3029


Réunion is a campaign scenario for BattleTech that was published in FanPro's house magazine Wunderwelten in issue #35 (February 1997). In the usual style of the Wunderwelten campaigns, it combines classic boardgame BattleTech with MechWarrior (RPG) aspects. The players will get involved in quarrels over the legitimate rule over the Benito continent on the planet Laconis.


Just after the Fourth Succession War, the members of an unnamed mercenary unit who successfully fought House Liao are given three months of leave, as the war has ended with a Liao defeat. One MechWarrior from the unit, elite Phoenix Hawk pilot James-Michael Roderick, "invites" the players to come with him to his homeworld Laconis in the Taurian Concordat on a side mission to free his sister from the grasp of his evil uncle who holds her captive.

Assuming the players accept the mission and travel to Laconis, they find House Liao very active on the world while the local noble Houses of Roderick and Dryden are at each other's throats in a feud that goes back 170 years. House Liao, upon facing defeat in the Fourth Succession War, delivered weapons to one party in hopes they would end up being used against House Davion.

If the players successfully navigate the chaos and political machinations they may uncover proof that James-Michael Roderick is actually the legitimate heir to both House Roderick and House Dryden.

The scenario is rather open-ended, and includes suggestions how the story may continue. This may include the formation of a hostile underground movement that turns into a guerrilla force against James-Michael Roderick after he assumes his rule, or the four other duchies on Laconis banding together against Roderick once North Benito and South Benito have reconciled into a single powerful duchy.

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Published exclusively in an apocryphal magazine, Réunion must be considered apocryphal as well.

Wunderwelten was the house magazine of FanPro, who were the German BattleTech licensee at the time of publication and later even held the complete BattleTech license. While Wunderwelten does not technically meet the current criteria for canon, its BattleTech-related content does therefore still have a claim to being an official publication under a valid license.


  • Although the scenario does not give an exact date, the introduction establishes that it is supposed to take place immediately after the end of the Fourth Succession War, putting it in the year 3030.

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