RAMTech Industries

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RAMTech Industries is a defense contractor in the Lyran Commonwealth. Specializing in laser weapons, in 3050 it started producing extended range models.


RAMTech Industries was created in the late 2800’s when Mannheim OptiTech purchased Rassal Weapons and Anderson Arms, two smaller companies on the verge of bankruptcy. The new company, RAMTech, focused on producing quality laser weapons for the LCAF’s AeroSpace units. They produced enough weapons to remain in business for the next two hundred years. In the late 3050s they retooled several of their production lines to produce Star League equivalent weapons. There were persistent rumors in 3067 that RAMTech was looking at producing a series of lasers for ground-based units in conjunction with Doering Electronics, but nothing had been decided by the time of the Jihad.[1]


In 3067 the company’s CEO is Baron Boris Mannheim.[1]


RAMTech Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Kyoto[edit]

Components produced on New Kyoto:[2]
Component Type
Medium Laser
RAMTech 800 SYD-Z2A Seydlitz[2]
Medium Pulse Laser
RAMTech 800P SYD-Z3A Seydlitz[2]
ER Medium Laser
RAMTech 1500Z [citation needed]
Large Laser
RAMTech 1200 Eagle and Thunderbird[2]
ER Large Laser
RAMTech 1200X SYD-Z1 Seydlitz[2]


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