Ragnarök Union

Ragnarök Union
State Profile
Founding Year July 3084[1]
Controlled system(s): 3[2]
Head of State Hu Xiao Lin (in 3095)[2]

The Ragnarök Union is a microstate in the Barrens region.


The retreat of the Clans from the Barrens region posed an existential threat to the worlds that would form the Ragnarök Union[2]. Fortunately, old ties from the era where the Union's three worlds, Götterdämmerung[2], Botany Bay[2] and Last Chance[2] had been part of the Greater Valkyrate came to the rescue[2]. A wily concierge who'd managed to maintain her position since before the clan invasion, Hu Xiao Lin, formed a union of the three worlds, achieving subsistence, and took advantage of her ties with Lackhove and Erewhon to maintain the advanced technology her new state needed to prosper.[2].


By 3095 the Union was operating a Cluster of tanks received from from Clan Jade Falcon[2]. However, negotiations for access to the Falcon's military academy on Somerset had yet to bear fruit[2].


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