Ragnar Magnusson

Ragnar Magnusson
Ragnar Magnusson
AffiliationHouse Magnusson
Position(s)Elected Prince in absentia
ParentsHaakon Magnusson (father)
ChildrenLars Magnusson

Ragnar Magnusson was a saKhan of Clan Ghost Bear and the elected prince in absentia of the remnants of the Free Rasalhague Republic.


Early history[edit]

Magnusson, the son of the original Elected Prince of the Republic Haakon Magnusson, went to Outreach with his father at the summons of Jaime Wolf in the year 3051. There he trained along with the sons and daughters of the other Great House leaders.[2]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Ragnar was serving as a military officer in the Rasalhague region when the Clans struck. During the invasion of Satalice beginning November 3051, Ragnar was serving as a Kapten with the 3rd Drakøns. In later the stages of the invasion he was given command of an ad hoc company of BattleMechs, which had been given the name of Ragnar's Vargjagare ("Wolf Hunter") Company. He conducted a series of harassment hits against the 13th Wolf's Guards and became a thorn in Natasha Kerensky's side for a time. In January 3052, he would eventually end up facing Phelan Wolf in combat and ended up being captured.[3]

Clan Wolf[edit]

He would be interned and made a bondsman of Clan Wolf.[4][3][5]

He followed Khan Kell to exile and hence became a member of Clan Wolf-in-Exile.

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

He eventually became a warrior of Clan Wolf after a period of serving as bondsman and during his days in Clan Wolf he rose to the rank of Star Captain in the Exiled Wolves. He participated in the assault on Labrea and was present when Khan Phelan Kell declared a formal Trial of Possession in the zellbrigen style for the 6th Jaguar Dragoons as a means of allowing Logan Moon to save their honor rather than foolishly sacrifice their lives for Khan Osis' benefit.[6]

In a simple three-on-three Trial in Colodney Valley, Phelan Kell pushed his Executioner A's heat limit early to quickly damage Moon's heavier Dire Wolf A before relying on distance and maneuvering to defeat him.[7] Ranna Kerensky however relied on superior targeting in her Warhawk C to defeat Wimmer's Turkina B at range, while Ragnar favored the reverse, immediately closing his Ice Ferret D with Showers' longer-ranged Shadow Cat A where he had the advantage.[6]

The entire 6th Jaguar Dragoons were taken isorla only for Phelan Kell declare them abtakha before even leaving Labrea. The Sixth Jaguar Dragoons were renamed to the 6th Wolf Guards.[8][6][9]

Clan Ghost Bear[edit]

However in 3060, Ragnar was captured in a Trial in Utrecht when Clan Wolf-in-Exile Trialed for a Leviathan that contained prefab factories and production machinery against Clan Ghost Bear, and he was captured and made bondsman by Sarah DelVillar. In Clan Ghost Bear he rose to become a Star Colonel.[10] By 3061 he was in command of the 1st Rasalhague Bears, a Cluster that contained at least one former KungsArmé soldier in each Star, with those soldiers having been claimed as isorla and subsequently regaining their warrior status.[11]

Following the death of saKhan Roberto Snuka in early 3075, the Ghost Bear Council granted Ragnar the Bloodname of Magnusson and elected him as saKhan.[12]

Jihad and the Ghost Bear Dominion[edit]

In a surprising move, the people of the remnants of the Free Rasalhague Republic, when polled, overwhelmingly chose him to be their new Elected Prince. Due to his unique status as a Clansman, he could not accept, and Christian Månsdottir, the long-standing leader of the Rasalhagian military, was elected Regent in his stead.[13]

Ragnar journeyed to Orestes in 3070, and on 21 August he spoke to the Free Rasalhague Republic government on behalf of Clan Ghost Bear and the Ghost Bear Dominion, beginning negotiations on what would hopefully be an accord "for all Rasalhagian peoples."[14]

The road ahead is filled with an evil that can only be cleansed with the fires of Annihilation. The road behind us is littered with the bodies of our fallen, given to that cause. As you fight today, know that each of us who dies this day will have spent our lives in the name of honor, in the name of Kerensky, in the names of Sandra Tseng and Hans Jorgensson! But above all this, know that we shall forever purge these nameless monsters in the name of that which is above what makes us trueborn or freeborn, Clan or Sphere. Follow me — for Rasalhague!
  — saKhan Ragnar Magnusson, to his troops at the Battle of Dieron, 3077[15]

Second Combine-Dominion War and formation of the Rasalhague Dominion[edit]

During the Second Combine-Dominion War of 3098-3103, saKhan Magnusson found himself making many of the key decisions for the Dominion's war effort as Khan Aletha Kabrinski suffered from mental degradation. Following the war's end he supported Unity Council Leader "Prince" Jukka Heikkinen's proposed reforms which would cede much political power to civilian members of the Dominion. When these changes led to his nation recreating itself as the Rasalhague Dominion in 3103, Magnusson was elected as its first Prince.[16]


Ragnar would be honored by the Ghost Bear Council who, during the Jihad, created the Magnusson Bloodname.[17]


Prior to the Clan Invasion, Ragnar Magnusson would unhappily pilot a JR7-D Jenner, making it a priority to swap to a heavier 'Mech at his first opportunity. Upon receiving command of the Vargjagare Company he got his wish, receiving an OTL-4D Ostsol with the rear-firing lasers moved to forward-firing mounts to match his hot-tempered fighting style.[18] [19]

During Operation BULLDOG with Clan Wolf-in-Exile, he piloted an Ice Ferret.[20] In his final battle for Clan Wolf-in-Exile where he was taken bondsman by Clan Ghost Bear he piloted a Dire Wolf.

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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