Rampart Company

Rampart Company
Formed 18 July 3026[1]
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition
Parent Command ACM

Rampart Company was a flexible Aurigan Coalition special operations team that reported directly to High Lady Kamea Arano.[2]


On 18 July 3026, Kamea Arano summoned former House Decimis MechWarrior Karen "Sunbird" Andris to Coromodir to offer her command of a special forces unit that would provide the Aurigan Coalition some deniability. The political situation was fluid enough that Arano did not wish to continue relying on Darius Oliveira's mercenary company, the unit formerly known as Markham's Marauders. Andris accepted, receiving a promotion to captain alongside her new orders: find and return the BattleMechs of the former Aurigan Directorate. Officially called Operation RESTORED HOPE, this campaign would see Andris ultimately recover over forty-six 'Mechs for the Coalition, forty as salvage and six intact, as well as eliminate six Directorate-sympathizing splinter groups.[1] [3]

Over the course of RESTORED HOPE, Andris coordinated with more than a dozen frontier-based mercenary commands, each tasked with evaluating individual MechWarriors for future recruitment into the as yet-unnamed secret project that would culminate in creation of Rampart Company.[4]

A little more than a month later, Rampart Company’s first mission was responding to reports of unidentified 'Mechs on Smithon. On 22 August, the interlopers were recognized as a medium battle lance from the Lyran Commonwealth investigating the remains of a Star League garrison. When signals intelligence revealed the Lyrans had found what they were looking for, Rampart had no choice but to attack; allowing their departure would make Smithon a target for innumerable objective raids.[5]

In September, Rampart was sent to investigate rumors of pirate activity on Weldry. The pirate lance was located on 19 September and dispatched, but not before a Capellan Confederation lance of Kamakura's Hussars—sent on a pirate suppression mission after the same lance—stumbled upon them. Unwilling to allow news of assault 'Mechs operating so close to their space, Rampart attacked and destroyed the Hussars.[6]

On 8 October, Rampart Company attacked Federated Suns forces that were covertly supplying insurgents on the Capellan world of Hurik. Not all of that matériel was being directed at the Capellans; much of it were making its way to remnants of the Directorate-loyalist terrorist group Ibex Rampant. Posing as "The Wolves of Joppa", Rampant Company launched Operation WOLFHOUND. Two lances engaged the Suns forces, drawing out their forces until the "Wolves'" situational ally, McCarron's Armored Cavalry, was able to encircle and destroy them.[4]

Rampart Company returned to their primary mission of gathering the Directorate 'Mech diaspora on 21 October, when they assaulted the Rimward Veterans Militia position on Highwater. This action returned a Commando, Griffin, and Wolverine to the Aurigan Coalition Military’s roster.[1]

Shortly after, Rampart struck out at a pirate community comprised of the remains of Grim Sybil's gang on Bellerophon, which had been raiding the Canopian-Aurigan trade route and were known as Hookworm’s Highwaymen. On 30 October, Rampart Company hit their base, destroying Highwaymen ‘Mechs and facilities. Despite being in planetary orbit during the initial assault, the pirate’s leader Captain Silas “Hookworm” Black deployed the remainder of his military forces against the Rampart Company. There were no pirate survivors.[7]

Numerous raids on settlements and villages on the Aurigan border world of Fjaldr sent Rampart Company to investigate. Unknown to Andris, she walked into a trap set for her by House Espinosa holdouts using that House’s motto, “Forever Vigilant” as their name. Included in this group was a survivor of the October action against the Rimward Veterans Militia, Anasuya “Plover” Kinsley.[8]

On 21 February 3027, Operation UNDERBELLY saw Rampart Company forming a strike force with other mercenary commands to defeat a Capellan-backed military junta on Sacromonte. Armed with Capellan weapons and vehicles, the junta was also supported by two mercenary units, the Fire Lizards and Ozawa Informals. Under the combined weight of the strike force, the junta's mercenaries were driven from the world and the junta quickly collapsed.[4]

23 June 3027 Rampart crushed Ibex Rampant on Gaucin.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Rampart Company
Captain Karen “Sunbird” Andris 3026[10]



Composition History[edit]


Rampart Company

Rampart Company does not operate in static lances, instead tailoring the members or the team to the needs of the situation.[10]


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