Randi Scott

Randi Scott
Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Profession Galaxy Commander

Randi Scott was at a time the commanding officer of the Chi Galaxy from Clan Goliath Scorpion.[1]


He commanded the Galaxy in 3067 leading at the same time the 1st Scorpion Seekers.[1]

By 3086, once his Clan had founded the Escorpión Imperio, he was commanding the 3rd Imperio Guards. As this Cluster was formed in the early 3080s in an attempt to integrate the former Umayyad and Castillian forces into the Imperio Militar Del Escorpión, with Trials were held for willing warriors to earn a place within the three new Clusters that were being formed for the newly created Omega Galaxy, and only being finally able to get barely two clusters worth of freeborn warriors, the Khans were forced to add solahma warriors as "advisors" to bulk the force out and give it some military order.[2] This clearly indicates that Randi Scott was well past his prime at this time, and that had previously been demoted from this from Galaxy Commander to Star Colonel.[citation needed]


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