Randolph P. Checkers

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Randolph P. Checkers
Character Profile
Profession MechWarrior

Dr. Randolph P. Checkers, Esq. was a mercenary MechWarrior.


A mercenary, professor, and founder of the Institute of Inner Sphere War Studies. When teaching did not pay the bills, he piloted his Awesome on mercenary contracts to make ends meet.


  • This character was created as part of the 2019 Clan Invasion crowdfunding campaign by a backer.
  • This character is based on the YouTuber "Tex" of the BlackPantsLegion, notable for his Tex Talks Battletech video series discussing BattleMechs and BattleTech lore. "Tex" is on record with the clarification that Randolph P. Checkers is another fictional character he sometimes uses, and not his real name.