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ISS Ranger.jpg
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Lola III

The Lola III-class Ranger was among the four Com Guard WarShips that took part in Task Force Serpent.


A former Star League Defense Force vessel, like many pieces of military hardware of the collapsed Star League, the future Ranger fell into ComStar hands in the wake of the Operation EXODUS. Restored to function and entering active service sometime prior to 3058, Ranger was selected as part of ComStar's contribution to Task Force Serpent, one of the four WarShips the secular Order contributed to the Inner Sphere strike against the Clan Smoke Jaguar's capital of Huntress.[1]

Under the command of Precentor/Captain Mercia Winslow, the Ranger was the first ship to engage the Clan Ghost Bear vessels during the the so-called Battle of Trafalgar in the Deep Periphery, suffering moderate damage which could be repaired in the field, allowing it to continue on to Huntress. Assigned to protect the inbound ground forces of Serpent on their initial run to Huntress, the Ranger would later suffer heavy damage attempting to prevent the WarShips of the Clan Smoke Jaguar forces fleeing Operation BULLDOG from reaching Huntress. Battered but still battle-ready, Ranger would ultimately survive the brutal fighting around Huntress and would return home to the Inner Sphere. [2] [3] [4]

After the conclusion of Serpent, as of 3062 the Ranger was a part of the Com Guard Second Fleet, operating from the ComStar fleet base at Ross 248.[5] The CSV Ranger was still in service with ComStar as of 3067,[6] but was subsequently reported as being deployed on the abortive Case White attack on Terra in March 3068.[7][8]

There is no record of the CSV Ranger surviving Case White in ComStar service[9] and there is no record of the Ranger being salvaged by the Word of Blake[10] implying that the Ranger was destroyed during Case White.

Fighter Compliment[edit]

As of the Battle of Trafalgar, the Ranger's assigned compliment of AeroSpace Fighters consisted of:

2 TRN-3T Tridents
4 Centurions


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