Rashpur-Owens Incorporated

Rashpur-Owens Incorporated
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Corporation Profile
Founding Year2 January 2698[1]
AffiliationCapellan Confederation
HeadquartersHerald (Capella VII)[2]

Rashpur-Owens Incorporated was a DropShip and JumpShip manufacturer based in the Capellan Confederation.


Founded 2 January 2698, Rashpur-Owens Incorporated was the only functional orbital construction yard capable of building JumpShips left in the Confederation after the devastation of the early Succession Wars.[1][3] Based out of the former Delhi WarShips facilities on Capella,[4] while its survival and continued production were a symbol of Capellan pride, the decrepit and disintegrating yards earned the derisive nickname of the "Citizen's Crutch" due to the cost of producing a mere handful of completed ships being far beyond the marked-up prices involved in purchasing vessels built in other realms.[1][2]

This changed after Riley Doh rose to chairmanship of the company in 3051. A self-made man who earned his citizenship by working in the yards, Doh used the small amount of free capital available and every scrap of FoundTech he could get his hands on to upgrade the yards, doubling production by 3056. Using backchannel deals and every favor possible, he got RO selected as the site for the production of the new Lung Wang and secured plans and molds to produce the deadly Achilles.[1][2] The Rashpur-Owens yards at Capella were responsible for the design and production of the first interplanetary drives to be used in the Free Worlds League WarShip program which built the Impavido-class destroyers during this era, before much of that production shifted to support the Confederation's own WarShip program. The Capella yards helped support the yards at Necromo as the produced the Feng Huang-class cruiser.[3] The reconstruction of the Rashpur-Owens WarShip slips at Capella were a jointly funded effort between the Capellan Confederation and the Free Worlds League.[4]

Immediately prior to the Jihad, RO's successes allowed it to secure supplementary contracts for the Necromo Shipyards in 3066 and Doh was lobbying for a license to produce the Defiance OmniFighter in 3068.[1]

During the Jihad, the Necromo Shipyards were destroyed, and analysts believe that RO will abandon their effort to rebuild the interplanetary WarShip drive facility that was moved to the Necromo system. The Word of Blake's expertise was required to get the facility running in the first place, and with that expertise no longer available, the drive facility is simply a money sink.[5] By 3081 the Confederation was still refusing to admit that it could no longer produce WarShips, but it had become increasingly obvious that there was no way that Rashpur-Owens could reproduce or retro-engineer the technical knowledge to build WarShip drives, and would instead be limited to trying to repair and maintain the few WarShips still left in the Capellan navy.[6]


Rashpur-Owens Incorporated has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The Capellan facility suffered no losses of capital and personnel in the Jihad and had a production volume of 80% in 3079.[7]

The company was by 3079 in the midst of a crash construction program to try and build repair docks for the Confederation's remaining WarShips.[8]

Components produced on Capella:[9][10]
Component Type
Achilles[5][2] DropShip
Avenger[5][2][9] DropShip
Excalibur[5][2][9][11] DropShip
Lung Wang[5][2] DropShip
Lung Wang Predator[10] DropShip
Triumph[5][2][9][11] DropShip
Invader[5][2][9] JumpShip
Merchant[5][2][9] JumpShip
Monolith[5][2][9] JumpShip
Interplanetary Drive - DropShip
Delano 1070 Triumph[9]
GM9800i Avenger[9]
GM 48000 Excalibur[9]
Xevec-19 Lung Wang[citation needed]
Xevec-12s Achilles[citation needed]
Kearny-Fuchida Drive - JumpShip
KF Mark V Merchant[9]
KF Mark VIIa Invader[9]
KF Mark X Monolith[9]


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