Formed 2845
Previous Designation(s) Fourth Regiment
Parent Command

The RattFraggs, formally known as the Fourth Star Guards of the famous Twelfth Star Guards, were a mercenary unit operating during the Second Succession War.[1]


Star Guards days[edit]

During the Twelfth Star Guards' employment with the Lyran Commonwealth through the first half of the Second Succession war, the unit expanded from two to seven regiments with the Fourth Star Guards - regimental nickname the RattFraggs - formed in 2845. In 2858 the Twelfth Star Guards made the ill-fated decision to accept a contract with the Draconis Combine. On-top of increasing losses of men and matériel, all the units of the Twelfth began to suffer at the hands of their new employer. Among those Star Guards to suffer the worst, the RattFraggs found the Combine repeatedly failed to pay them. After this situation dragged on for an entire year, the incensed RattFraggs had had enough, mutinying and breaking contract with the Combine in 2860 and leaving the Star Guards. The lack of payment of the RattFraggs and later destruction of Lescouflair's Landsknechts after they were abandoned by the Combine and destroyed by the Federated Suns would result in the entire Twelfth Star Guards breaking contract with the Combine to return to service with the Lyran Commonwealth in 2861, ending their association with House Kurita forever.[1] [2] [3]

Career as Independent Mercenary Force[edit]

The ultimate fate of the RattFraggs following their separation from the Twelfth Star Guards is largely unknown, though at the conclusion of the Second Succession War they were listed as an active command, albeit reduced to a third of their strength. [1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Regiment of the Twelfth Star Guards
Commanding Officers of the RattFraggs



Composition History[edit]


Medium Regiment (100% strength) - Regular/Reliable[1]


Medium Regiment (34% strength) - Regular/Reliable[1]


  • Submitted by BattleTech fan Lloyd Calvin, the RattFraggs were one of the fan submitted mercenary unit names selected by Catalyst Game Labs for use in Second Succession War sourcebook - Topic: Second Succession War Mercenaries - by the fans! While most of the names were used for entirely new units, Calvin's suggestion was used as the name of the referenced but unnamed/unnumbered Star Guards unit first mentioned in 1987.


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