Raul Ortega

Raul Ortega
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Knight-Errant of the Republic

Raul Ortega (b. 3??? - d. 3???) is a Knight-Errant MechWarrior for The Republic of the Sphere. He used to be a militia reservist in the Achernar Republic Standing Guard before the events that happened on Achernar.

Character History[edit]

Ever since Raul was a small child, he wanted to become a MechWarrior. He did not care about the allure of battle, he wanted to become a pilot because with the reduction of these machines of war, he would become a legend[1].

He was in a final test between himself and his rival to become the militia's newest 'Mech pilot. The battle came down to the wire of who would win and who would lose. Unfortunately, he lost to his rival. In losing, he became the planet's reservist 'Mech pilot, while his rival became the active pilot.[2].

Notable Actions[edit]

Invasion of Achernar[edit]

Raul got his chance to be a front line 'Mech pilot during the opening minutes of the invasion of his home world. The Steel Wolves destroyed the planet's high-speed monorail which was carrying Raul's rival. With the pilot presumed dead, Raul was activated from reserves to pilot the Legionnaire to fight back any advance that the enemy may try.

During the course of the battle, Raul became more and more the lead strategist and commander of all militia forces on the planet. After the death of Kyle Powers, Raul knew that the militia would not be able to hold out for much longer, and if they did fight another major battle that there wouldn't be enough defense force left to repel any future invasions. He came up with a cunning plan to plant fake explosives at the working HPG station on the planet and make it seem like they destroyed the only real tactical reason to control the planet.

With the withdrawal of the Steel Wolves and the Swordsworn forces on the planet, he used the "destroyed" station to talk to Knight-Errant Janella Lakewood who praised Ortega for his cunning plan and for it actually succeeding. She said that with his bravery and resourcefulness to protect the planet, that she would be putting his name forward to be promoted to the rank of Knight-Errant to help defend Republic planets that were in need of support.

Career as Knight[edit]

In 3135, Raul, by advise of Janella Lakewood lead a group of Republic forces to Federated Suns planet of New Hessen, to help the Federated troops to defeat Liaoists mercenaries attacking the world. Soon, he returned to Achernar.[3].


The militia on Achernar had a couple of Legionnaires which all of the MechWarriors, both active and reservists, were to pilot in any emergency situation. During the invasion by the Steel Wolves, he piloted the Legionnaire most of the campaign. Later, he was able to pilot Knight-Errant Kyle Powers' Jupiter. Which became his with his Mech after was promoted to Knight from Janella Lakewood.


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