Ravannion's Redemption

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Ravannion's Redemption
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


Ravannion's Redemption was a mercenary unit.

Dark Age Era[edit]

In 3140, three top-ranking cadets from the 3130 class of the St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences named Sorg, Drvo and Kormidelník resurfaced as lance commanders. All three had previously vanished with their Koshi BattleMechs under mysterious circumstances while on routine patrol in 3129.[1] [2]

The presence of three lance commanders without one being in overall command suggests the unit is at least of demi-battalion size.

IlClan Era[edit]

At the dawn of IlClan Era, the Redemption already had two battalions, and were under contract of the Draconis Combine. They had to face the Federated Suns' Operation SOLAR FLARE. On 3152, their First Battalion was stationed on Euclid, in the Dragon's Tongue. Colonel Dorita Ravannion faced the Davion Assault Guards led by Erik Sandoval-Groell, in the hills outside the city of Pythagoras, slashing across the Guards' flanks. Before long, the cumulative effects of these attacks began dropping Guards' heavy 'mechs. Erik was forced to use artillery to sow mines, corraling the mercenaries. Erik offered them to surrender, but the Redemption charged, broke their lines and escaped from planet with almost two thirds of her unit intact.[3]

The Redemption' second battalion was on Meinrad, being attacked by the Dawn Guards, but this time, the mercenaries weren't so lucky: the Guards more maneuverable elements proved more effective, and drove the unit off planet in barely a week.[4]

The surviving members of the Redemption later redeployed on Gambier, the hardest battlefield of the campaign. There they faced the mercenaries Brigade of Shiva, which drove them off the Antiguan Heights. Later, like the rest of the kuritan defenders, were forced to abandon the planet.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Ravannion's Redemption
Colonel Dorita Ravannion 3152[6]


The Redemption was highly able to mobile warfare, using their fast units to flank the enemies with lightning speed before fading again, retreating to return from another angle.[7]

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Composition History[edit]

The Redemption was composed of two battalions, with highly mobile forces, specially hovercraft and light 'Mechs, very maneuverable.[8]


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